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Mexico’s bioplastics: Green gold?
Mexican companies are looking for alternatives in the production of bioplastics to stop pollution
Fun facts about the Mexican Tlacuache
The tlacuache is a marsupial that is mostly found scavenging through trash in people's back yards
Mexican company sells biodegradable cups made of corn starch
Carlos Camacho's company Ecoshell makes disposable and biodegradable products out of corn starch
Fishing net in Oaxaca kills 350 endangered sea turtles
The finding happened yesterday morning. PROFEPA opened an investigation to identify those responsible
Mexican scientists create Eco-friendly cement out of industrial waste
The Polymeric Ash System (PAS) is made out of paper, coal, marble, and styrofoam waste
Jaguar population in Mexico is increasing
The jaguar population has shown a 20% growth due to an inrease of forest cover in the last 20 years
8 Mexican wolf cubs are born in Mexico City
On April 17, eight Mexican wolf cubs were born at the Los Coyotes Zoo in Mexico City
Tehuacán-Cuicatlán valley is now a World Heritage site
UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has included the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán valley in Mexico in their World Heritage sites list
Black widow spiders spread through Yucatán
The presence of the venomous arachnid has been reported at several places in the state of Yucatán
Gray Wolf, on its way to recovery
In a joint effort, Mexico and the United States work towards protecting the endangered Mexican gray wolf