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Mexican government to protect Holbox from overtourism
Through a series of new regulations, Mexico will reinforce the environmental protection of Yum Balam
IPN students design Battery Management Strategy
IPN graduates in Mexico have designed a Waste Management Plan for Primary and Secondary Batteries
Mexican becomes first woman to obtain Innovators of America award
Her project seeks to reconcile economic development with the preservation of the environment
Student from Querétaro designs sustainable school orchard
A student of the Autonomous University of Querétaro has developed an alimentary sustainability project
Mexico has the most cacti in the world
Mexico's Ministry of Environment reported that there are 669 species of cacti in Mexico
Mexico’s bioplastics: Green gold?
Mexican companies are looking for alternatives in the production of bioplastics to stop pollution
Fun facts about the Mexican Tlacuache
The tlacuache is a marsupial that is mostly found scavenging through trash in people's back yards
Mexican company sells biodegradable cups made of corn starch
Carlos Camacho's company Ecoshell makes disposable and biodegradable products out of corn starch
Fishing net in Oaxaca kills 350 endangered sea turtles
The finding happened yesterday morning. PROFEPA opened an investigation to identify those responsible
Mexican scientists create Eco-friendly cement out of industrial waste
The Polymeric Ash System (PAS) is made out of paper, coal, marble, and styrofoam waste