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Sargassum could be used to grow mushrooms
FONATUR claimed that the influx of sargassum could be seen as an opportunity for the agricultural sector
Scientists forecast new seaweed plague on Mexican beaches
UF: Massive quantities of sargassum will wash up on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean this year
5-year-old entrepreneur makes sustainable confetti
At a congress in Acapulco, Memo was praised for presenting a sustainable entrepreneural initiative
Mayan Train puts more than 2,000 jaguars at risk
Experts have suggested building elevated fauna crossings to mitigate its environmental impact
Mexico has most beautiful beaches in the world
Mazunte and the Espíritu Santo Island were included in Flight Network's ranking of pristine beaches
The Three Kings go green
The Semarnat explained that balloons aren't biodegradable and that both aquatic and terrestrial animals die because they eat the balloons or get trapped in cords
A gray 2019
Despite the efforts implemented several decades ago, preventing pollution is not a priority for a large part of society
Mexican designer uses recycled PET bottles to make clothes
In 2012, the historian Margarita Meza Ghenno started her own sustainable fashion company
Mexican students awarded for biodegradable bag innovation
A group of students from the Autonomous University of Querétaro have created the "Bolstiri" bag
Tons of garbage found in Yucatán ‘cenotes’
At least 80% of all 3,000 or more cenotes that exist in the region are highly polluted