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King Salman's decision ends a conservative tradition seen by rights activists as an emblem of the Islamic Kingdom’s repression of women
Trump's first international tour breaks with tradition: is the first president since Reagan to not visit a neighboring country and the one who has taken the most to make his tour since John F. Kennedy
For Mexico, it is favorable not being included in Trump's first foreign trip, given his negative speech; but his selection of countries for this journey sparks uneasiness
The U.S. attack on a military base in Syria could be the turning point in an armed conflict that has lasted 6 years and seems to go nowhere
The Syrian Civil War has left hundreds of thousands people killed, millions of asylum-seekers and a nation turned to ruins
Five others were wounded outside the mosque where Muhammad is buried in Medina.
A bomber was apparently headed in a car toward a mosque and hospital.
The world's largest body of Muslim-majority nations condemned the mass shooting but also warned against "political campaigning and self-serving agendas" in the wake of the tragedy.
Almost half the super-rich individuals are from the United States, 17 from Europe, and the rest from countries including China, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Saudi Arabia.