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Mexico City's new environmental contingency plan
After the city went through an environmental crisis, authorities have announced new measures
How to protect your pets from the environmental crisis in Mexico City
The UNAM faculty emphasized that if your pet is a puppy, sick, or very old, you should take extreme precautions
Diseases and health complications linked to air pollution
In the last days, Mexico City has been covered by haze, a burning smell and now it's plagued by environmental pollution
Dos Bocas oil refinery: devastated mangrove and wildlife at risk
According to experts, the area is often flooded and could turn into a swamp, as well as being an environmental preservation zone
Environmental crisis in Mexico City
The millions who inhabit the city were exposed to PM2.5 particles for over 48 hours, which have a similar structure to aerosols
Mexico City registers 20 fires in two days
On Friday night, Mexico City inhabitants noticed smoke and a burnt-like smell throughout the city and authorities claimed it was haze
Mexican Indigenous people fight Canadian miner
A group of Nahua villagers could make history in Mexico this month when a court rules on a land dispute involving a Canadian miner
Mexican scientist creates nanosatellite to monitor pollution
Nanosatellites have technological, social and environmental applications
The turmoil behind the thermoelectric plant in Morelos
The project dates back to 2011 when Felipe Calderón was President and during Peña Nieto's presidency, it was announced that the plan would continue but it was never implemented
Thermoelectric plant sparks off a conflict
This time, there are many reasons to assert that in order for the thermoelectric plant to operate, something besides a referendum or the offering of social benefits is needed