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At least two hundred people are kidnapped in Mexico every day
Until the justice system makes it easier for victims to file lawsuits, kidnap numbers will never be reliable
Informal vendors make more than educated professionals in Mexico
Informal economy accounted for 30% of Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) during the first quarter of 2019
Mexico City: Police officers work for the cartels
Criminals pay officers up to MXN $20,000 per month to join their ranks, more than the average police officer salary
Displaced inside their own country
Migration from Central America has been emphasized but we shouldn't forget that there are thousands of Mexicans who have been displaced from their communities
The crimes committed by Central and South American migrants in Mexico
Julio “N”, a 38-year-old Honduran man, was arrested in 2014 and was sentenced to 60 years in jail for homicide, first-degree murder, and organized crime
Mexico can't allow the return of vigilante self-defense groups
Vigilante groups were created to fulfill security tasks in several areas; in total, 32 groups were created
Former Peña Nieto aide joins the Partido Verde
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Mexico spent USD $7,700 million on weapons
Today, EL UNIVERSAL revealed that during Peña Nieto's presidency, the Mexican government spent the largest amount of money on weapons in its history
Fuel theft: success or failed strategy?
Investigation would always have to be the path to attack criminal phenomenons such as fuel theft
Failed justice
There are many cases where the accused is freed because the evidence is flimsy