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Canadian representative fears the continuity of the Agreement hinges on politics and not on technical discussions
The sunset provision, textile industry, and Government procurement are some of the controversial issues discussed so far
Terminating NAFTA will strain the commercial & political relationship between the US, Canada, and Mexico, yet Mexico must be ready to face this case scenario
The recent proposals, such as the five-year rule, the rules of origin, dispute resolutions and government procurement, "could spoil the treaty"
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The dollar closed at MXN$ 18.95 pesos, according to data from Citibanamex
According to the CEAL, Mexicans conceive Latin America as the main investment destination, representing an investment of about USD$42 billion per year
The fourth round of talks will deal with “core subjects” said the Mexican Secretary of Economy
Tras reunirse con Rex Tillerson, secretario de Estado de EU, el canciller afirmó que nuestro país continuará con las negociaciones desde una perspectiva “seria” en el proceso ya estructurado y establecido para ello