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On September, 36,267 workers received an average wage increase of 5.1% while the annual inflation rate stood at 6.35%
For the country's economic reactivation after the devastating earthquakes that hit the country, an 8.2-magnitude quake on Thursday, September 7, followed by a 7.1-magnitude quake on Tuesday, September 19
Significant progress was made because, in Mexico City, public transport such as subway and Metrobus provided services free of charge after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit the country on September 19
According to the CEAL, Mexicans conceive Latin America as the main investment destination, representing an investment of about USD$42 billion per year
The WB Catastrophe bond is one of the five stages in the financial structure for Mexico's reconstruction
Mexico's Ministry of Finance and Public Credit informed that measures for housing reconstruction along with tax benefits for high marginalization sites for those affected by the recent earthquakes will be implemented
In a statement, Banxico reported that 2017 forecast dropped at 2.10% compared by the expected 2.15%
The rate in the first two weeks of August was the highest in the first half of any month since June 2001
Bank of Mexico governor, Agustín Carstens, admitted that inflation is now at the highest rates of recent years
The deal is the region's first bond sale in either euros or dollars in over two weeks, after recent bouts of volatility in the broader markets closed doors to borrowers worldwide.