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Guadalupe Posada, the man behind “La Catrina”
Posada is considered as an icon of Mexican culture as his work stood out during a time when no form of artistic expression could comment on political issues
Mexican decorations embellish the Vatican
All Tamaulipas ornaments will remain in the Paul VI Hall as well as in the Pope's museums until February 2
Mexico's LGBT+ dance company
A 2017 government study found 30% of LGBT+ people had faced some form of discrimination in the last year
The mysterious ancient carved skulls
This is the first time the skulls will visit Mexico City
Mexico Salvaje: the BBC's new documentary
It was filmed all over the country, including the Central de abastos, mountains, volcanoes, and forests
They are clay sculptures from the Mesoamerican pantheon
The date was decided by Mayan priests
A 360° look into the major house of Mexican performing arts in the heart of Mexico City