The roots of Islamophobia are buried deep in the rubble of 9/11
This week, an investigation was opened in Connecticut, after an intentional fire consumed the Diyanet Mosque, in the latest episode of a series of attacks against Muslim worshippers in Western countries
Is it possible the decriminalization of drugs in Mexico?
The presentation of the National Development Plan (NDP) last week by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has put on the table again the issue of drug decriminalization
U.S. border militia groups, from racists to criminals and child abusers
Nearly two years into the Trump’s White House, the stability of the United States-Mexico border is confirmed by the absence of anti-immigrant militia groups
Who benefits from the Easter terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka?
The magnitude and brutality of the Easter terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka go beyond the capacity of local groups, therefore, it is necessary to study the competing foreign interests in a geopolitical backdrop
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s sins are exposing war crimes and corruption
A historic episode in the struggle for freedom of information in the digital era has taken place with the detention in London of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is facing extradition to the United States
“Regime change” failure: Libya’s 8-year-old civil war comes to Tripoli
Eight years ago, Libya was the most advanced African country until Western intervention to topple Muammar Gaddafi plunged its territory into a civil war
U.S. military interventions and “free trade” are behind migration in the Northern Triangle
Due to its strategic position, the region attracted the interest of Washington and private companies since the U.S. began its expansion to the west and the Monroe Doctrine was proclaimed in 1823
Ukraine elections trapped between a comedian, corruption, and war
Presidential elections are scheduled in Ukraine, in a context of setbacks for the fight against corruption, the emergence of a comedian as the leading candidate & the war with Russia-backed separatists
Australia and New Zealand: An old history of racism in the Southeastern Pacific
A week after the worst terrorist attack in New Zealand, which claimed the lives of 50 Muslim worshippers in the city of Christchurch, a shaken world is admitting the grim reality of right-wing extremists
Visegrad Group: An outpost of nationalism in Central Europe
Born in 1991 in the old Magyar fortress town where six hundred years ago kings John I of Bohemia, Charles I of Hungary, and Casimir III of Poland held the medieval Congress of Visegrad agreeing to create new trade routes to other markets