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Switzerland backtrack on support for the United Nations agreement on migration
The opposition of the United States and several key nations on the subject to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is, in particular, a negative outcome for Mexico
Xenophobia on the rise: the UN Global Compact for Migration is dead on arrival
Bad news for the last United Nations effort to encourage a coordinated, effective, multilateral response to the growing challenge of massive human displacement
Venezuelans head to Peru to beat residency deadline
At least 6,000 Venezuelans lined up at Peru’s northern border in hopes of entering the country before a deadline for acquiring residency, and another 4,000 were due to arrive in the next two days
Widespread poverty and inequality are the engines of international immigration
From the crime-ridden Central American cities to the low-growth countries in Africa and Asia, widespread poverty and inequality are the engines of international immigration
Velasco, López Obrador's #1 fan
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How to welcome the migrant caravan?
Those who aren't holders of a Mexican visa or are not asylum seekers will be deported
Yoga at the Mexico-US border
This is the 3rd they have held this event at Parque de la Amistad, in Tijuana and San Diego
Mexican airline offers free flights for migrant children
On their twitter page, Mexican airline Volaris offered free flights for migrant children in the US to reunite with their families
Trump is still playing with immigrant children in a election year
The new humanitarian crisis unfolding in the United States border with Mexico has been stopped for the moment after President Donald Trump reversed his cruel policy of separating undocumented immigrant children and their parents
The Trump administration seeks to ease limits on child immigrant detentions
A key part of President Donald Trump’s executive order aimed at ending the separation of immigrant families