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LP gas: Monopolies, theft, and corruption
The so-call “huachicol”, fuel theft, has also taken over the LPG sector
Journalist Norma Sarabia was murdered in Mexico
Norma Sarabia, a Mexican journalist, was murdered today
An overview of President López Obrador’s first 6 months in office
Analysts agree that the first six months of AMLO’s administration have elapsed with ups and downs
Union leader shot dead in Salamanca, the fuel theft hub
PRI leader Claudia Ruiz Massieu condemned the attack and demanded justice Gilberto Muñoz Mosqueda
More than 23 Pemex workers have been attacked by fuel thieves in 2019
18 out of every 100 workers in charge of guarding pipelines were attacked by fuel thieves in 2018
Mexican Navy member killed in attack while patrolling pipeline
1 member of Mexico’s navy was killed and 3 were injured on Saturday following an attack by fuel thieves
De Mauleón, a victim of insecurity and hate
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Mexican President says plan to counter fuel theft saves MXN $12 billion
López Obrador closed six major pipelines where thieves & criminal gangs were siphoning off fuel as part of a plan launched in late December to tackle intensifying theft from state oil company Pemex
Pipeline explosion in Mexico caused irreversible soil damage
The area of the explosion was contaminated with total hydrocarbons, light steam-cracked, and BTEX
Does Pemex have a reason to celebrate?
On this day in 1938, then President Lázaro Cárdenas nationalized the oil industry