Ai Weiwei creates Lego portraits of missing Ayotzinapa students
This enforced disappearance case revealed the corruption, human rights violations, and impunity that plague Mexico
Mexico and the UN will collaborate to solve the Ayotzinapa case
Michelle Bachelet said “no one should be subjected any longer to such agony”
Will there be justice?
There are thousands of families who are suffering, who are demanding answers and actions from authorities but who had to search for their loved ones themselves
Enforced disappearances and public apologies
Jorge and Javier, two postgraduate students were murdered by soldiers on March 19, 2010
Mexico apologizes for the death of 5 youths kidnapped by police in 2016
Bloody battles among increasingly splintered criminal cartels have left more than 40,000 people missing in the past two decades
Enforced disappearance, Mexico's worst tragedy
Enforced disappearance became part of the official discourse as a result of the pressure that society exerted on the government and after events such as Ayotzinapa
Mexico: Human Rights at risk
HRW affirms the world is going through “dark times” but that the “resistance” is “going strong” inside institutions and on the streets, especially in Latin America
European Union demands justice for Ayotzinapa
The European Union will follow up on the commitments made by President López Obrador in regards to the Ayotzinapa case
AMLO creates Ayotzinapa's Truth Commission
Mexico's President met with the parents of the missing students and signed an executive order to create a Truth Commission
Ayotzinapa: Peña Nieto's downfall
President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador has promised to launch a Truth Commission to learn the truth about the case