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Mexico’s CFE pardons defaulting debtors in Tabasco
The resolution was based on a study conducted by academics and investigators from the Juárez Autonomous University of Tabasco (UJAT)
López Obrador claims Mexico will produce all its own gasoline in 3 years
“We’re going to be self-sufficient in the production of gasoline in May of 2022"
Pipeline explosion in southern Mexico allegedly caused by fuel thieves
The pipeline burst at 23:10 hours on Wednesday in the Reforma municipality of Chiapas
Dos Bocas tender declared void, SENER and Pemex to build new refinery
Energy Minister Rocío Nahle will be in charge of the project and the construction of the Dos Bocas refinery will start on June 2
Shell sells most expensive fuel in Mexico, study shows
The Mexican government conducted a price analysis of more than 12,500 gas stations, according to the CRE
Glencore wins USD$520 million deal to sell coal to Mexico
Glencore won all 12 auctions held to supply a CFE plant in the southwestern state of Guerrero
Mexico would consider state pumping stations in push for fair fuel prices
Mexico could create a chain of government pumping stations if existing gasoline outlets do not charge “fair prices”
Pemex undergoes corporate restructuring to cut expenses and boost production
The director of Pemex announced that 375 job positions would be eliminated at headquarters and subsidiaries
Set your clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time
Mexico's SENER claimed economic savings from this measure were estimated at MXN$1.39 billion in 2018
Mexico’s CFE spent USD$80.2 million on free electricity for workers
Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) gives away 350 kwh per month to each of its workers