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Es probable que la expansión de Estados Unidos se ralentice a un 2.5 por ciento este año desde un 2.9 por ciento en el 2018, mientras que China crecería un 6.2 por ciento en el año en comparación con el 6.5 por ciento del 2018, según el Banco Mundial.
The WWF called on Mexico's government to extend the gillnet ban and also stop net fishing for corvina, a season that will open soon.
Ford is based in Dearborn, Michigan, home to one of the largest Arab-American populations in the United States
Mexican tennis player Daniel Garza has been suspended and fined US$5,000
In May, the government said that air quality levels in Mexico City and its surrounding areas were the worst in 14 years.
The aim is to ban bullfighting in all the 113 municipalities of the state.
The called him an attention-seeker, a demagogue and a fool.
The IOC is eager to safeguard the autonomy of sport from government interference, but it said it had been reassured by the Mexican government.
The decision comes days after a U.S. dentist illegally killed "Cecil" the lion in Zimbabwe.
The dissenting circus owners have repeatedly complained the law has not been accompanied by a programme to assist and shelter all animals that can no longer live and work in circuses.