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Organized crime has flourished within a society that has seen violence and Government corruption as commonplace phenomena
In the last decade, several drug lords and key players have been arrested by federal authorities
According to a DEA report, the biggest threat is the Sinaloa cartel; heroin overdose deaths tripled in the U.S. between 2008 and 2015
Carlos Anaya Rosique, President of the National Chamber for the Mexican Publishing Industry emphasized that the sort of literature that should be spread by great publishing companies is Mexican literature that deals with trafficking, organized crime, violence and the hope that the country endures despite those conditions.
Structures such as IS or Al-Qaeda have no boundaries
It's the third day of the operation of the Federal Police and 9 million 200 thousand plants have been destroyed
The prisoner was handed over to the federal authorities to be extradited
In a motion filed Thursday in federal court in Brooklyn, defenders of "El Chapo" said that his extradition was illegal
Journalists and Politicians demand the murder of fellow journalist, Luciano Rivera, be duly investigated
Fuel theft costs the government $1 billion annually and has grown increasingly violent as authorities try to control it