Articles and opinion columns about Mexico's upcoming 2018 General Election
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The seven myths of Mexico's election debunked
Can markers be erased? Can you vote for more than one candidate? Is the PREP controlled by Carlos Slim? Find out the answers to these and more myths here
What do people google the most about Mexico's election?
Google has gathered data on its top searches on Mexico's election to help voters find information and have a more active participation
Presidential candidates spend MXN$ 142 million on online advertising
Meade and Anaya are the candidates spending the most on online advertising; AMLO hasn't reported expenses for this concept
YouTubers call Mexican youth to vote
Chumel Torres, Werevertumorro, Alan Estrada, and more, encourage Mexican youth to vote next July 1
Candidates' proposals on Facebook
In the section “Issues,” Mexican citizens will soon be able to check the proposals of all candidates on Facebook
INAI looking into possible impact of Cambridge Analytica in Mexico
Mexico's Personal Data Protection Institute is investigating whether Cambridge Analytica stole data from Facebook Mexico to use it for electoral purposes
INE discloses collaboration agreement with Google
The document confirms voters will be able to locate polling stations through Google Maps and check the preliminary results on election day
Mexico to investigate possible links to Cambridge Analytica
Mexico’s data protection body is looking at Mexican companies that worked with cellphone app, which gives users free top-ups in exchange for receiving ads and completing surveys
Cambridge Analytica has data of almost 790,000 Mexican users: Facebook
Out of the 87 million users whose data were improperly shared by Cambridge Analytica, 0.9% are Mexican citizens
Facebook in the elections
In order for technology to make our lives easier, we have renounced to our privacy and allowed third parties to gather information about us
The National Electoral Institute announced they were working on an agreement with Facebook to fight fake news regarding the 2018 General Election, yet the actual document contains no clause on this regard but does grant Facebook access to real time information on the results of the election