Articles and opinion columns about Mexico's upcoming 2018 General Election
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AMLO obtains official registration as presidential candidate
After registering his candidacy at the INE, López Obrador spoke of reaching out an “open and honest” hand to his political rivals and of the need for an economic, political, social, and moral rebirth for Mexico
The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, expressed his concern over the crimes taking place in Mexico prior to the 2018 General Election
The National Electoral Institute announced they were working on an agreement with Facebook to fight fake news regarding the 2018 General Election, yet the actual document contains no clause on this regard but does grant Facebook access to real time information on the results of the election
While experts claim it’s risky to talk numbers and predictions, they consider there are key factors which can have a considerable impact on this year's voter turnout
Mexicans living abroad could have a decisive influence in the 2018 General Election since there are 300,000 Mexicans living outside the country
Mexico’s 2018 General Election will most likely be the most expensive election in history, with an approved budget of MXN$ 13 billion (USD$675.3 million)
Young voters are expected to have a decisive influence in the 2018 General Election since about 26.5 million citizens aged between 18 and 29 will be able to take their vote to the polls
In July 2018, Mexican citizens will vote for the next President of the Mexican Republic, members of both Congress Chambers, state Governors, and local legislators – an unprecedented election bound to make history
A look at the preferences for presidential candidates ahead of the 2018 General Election