Articles and opinion columns about Mexico's upcoming 2018 General Election
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Obrador has an overwhelming victory in Mexico's Election
Andrés Manuel López Obrador is the winner of Mexico's Presidential Election, with 53% of vote preferences, according to the INE's preliminary results
 INE receives 98,000 votes from abroad
The number of Mexicans who voted abroad has tripled the numbers of the 2006 and 2012 elections
PREP system is allegedly unbreakable
The Preliminary Elections Results Program (PREP) is completely shielded against cyber-attacks, INE says
INE estimates to have election results by July 2nd
The INE has stated the Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP) may perform slower than in the previous election due to the amount of data it will have to process
Presidential candidates close campaigns
The campaign period is over in Mexico and presidential candidates close campaigns across the Republic prior to election day
INE extends vote reception for Mexicans living abroad
Mexico's National Electoral Institute has already received 97,000 votes out of the 181,000 ballots sent abroad
Candidates running for Governor spend millions on promotional products
T-shirts, baseball caps, and umbrellas are some of the products candidates have spent on over MXN$ 22 million to try and get some votes
Ballots stolen and burned in Oaxaca
The Electoral Institute of Oaxaca has reported the burning of 8,000 ballots by unknown assailants; authorities reassure all lost ballots will be replaced
 INE orders PAN to stop advertising on tortillas
According to electoral laws, materials used in campaign advertisements should be recyclable – which tortilla wrapping paper isn't
Almost 11,000 electoral ballots stolen in Tabasco
The corresponding legal suit has already been filed before the Special Prosecutor's Office for Electoral Offenses (FEPADE)
The leverage of organized crime in Mexico's 2018 General Election
Between September 2017 and June 2018, 48 candidates have been murdered in Mexico, making the current election the deadliest in Mexican history
The show featured 80s outfits, shoulder pads, sequins, and monochromatic tones with a nostalgic vibe