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Journalist and 6TV director Salvador Adame was abducted last Thursday, while his whereabouts, as well as any official statement, remain unknown
Salvador Adame Pardo, journalist and 6TV director in Múgica, Michoacán, was kidnapped Thursday by a group of heavily armed unknown assailants
Through the first quarter of 2017, the city's 30 murders were double what they were during the same three months last year
Miriam RodrÍguez was killed Wednesday night while at her home in the town of San Fernando in northern border state of Tamaulipas
Minister of Finance insisted on quick-response actions against thieves, like making illicit business less profitable
Although the 2016 homicide data has been around for a few months, the revelation that Mexico's murder tally was second only to Syria's is a massive setback for the current administration
The gangs have engulfed the state of Guerrero in a war to control poppy fields, turning inaccessible mountain valleys of endemic poverty into Mexico's bloodiest spots
The hearing came the day after judge Cogan refused to order Guzmán released from solitary confinement in a New York City federal prison
At least four soldiers were killed in the latest chapter in a growing problem for the Mexican government and state-run oil company Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX)
He will be allowed to send pre-screened messages to his wife for personal reasons and to help mount his legal defense