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Luxury cars owned by criminals are turned into police cars
The local government announced the seized vehicles will be used by police officers throughout the state
Former Peña Nieto aide joins the Partido Verde
Off the Record features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico creates the majority of new illegal drugs
Mexico and other 13 Latin American countries are facing the appearance of new drugs
Mexican journalist who denounced drug cartels and human trafficking is murdered
In his article, he mentioned the origins and the way the Sinaloa cartel operated under Guzmán and linked them to locals
Cuban migrants kidnapped at Mexican border released
13 Cubans kidnapped in the border city of Reynosa in Tamaulipas were released on Sunday and made their way to the U.S.
Mexico spent USD $7,700 million on weapons
Today, EL UNIVERSAL revealed that during Peña Nieto's presidency, the Mexican government spent the largest amount of money on weapons in its history
Mexico apologizes for the death of 5 youths kidnapped by police in 2016
Bloody battles among increasingly splintered criminal cartels have left more than 40,000 people missing in the past two decades
El Chapo is hailed as a modern “Robin Hood” in Mexico
People in his homes state of Sinaloa lament his conviction; the President visited his hometown after his trial ended
Fuel theft: success or failed strategy?
Investigation would always have to be the path to attack criminal phenomenons such as fuel theft
Enforced disappearance, Mexico's worst tragedy
Enforced disappearance became part of the official discourse as a result of the pressure that society exerted on the government and after events such as Ayotzinapa