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Trudeau, when asked about Canadian firms' concerns about possible changes to NAFTA, said: "It is a real concern for many Canadians because we know our economy is very dependent on our relationship with the U.S.
Trudeau has taken a low-key approach toward Trump, a Republican who campaigned on a pledge to toughen U.S. immigration policies and renegotiate the NAFTA among Canada, the United States and Mexico
Given Trump's calls to build a wall along the Mexico border and to ban refugees, Mexican migrants may try to head straight to Canada
"Both leaders agreed to keep in close contact and intensify their teams' work to speed up the integration of a stronger and more prosperous North America," the statement said
The promotion activities undertaken by the Canadian business community, specially that of Quebec and the Maritime Provinces of Canada proved useful as the NAFTA included all three North American countries
North American free trade might be under threat, but Mexicans will soon import a big taste of Canada.
"Mexico is in a terrible, terrible position. We are not," said a Canadian person involved on the trade file.
Trump wants to renegotiate the NAFTA between Mexico, the United States and Canada, and would move to withdraw if no "fair deal" is forthcoming
Both leaders agree to pool their efforts to promote economic integration in the North American region
The leaders of Mexico and Canada will hold talks on the potential impact that a Trump presidency could have on NAFTA