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The US Trade Representative revealed that the American government has received over 12K public opinions on the NAFTA objectives
The sugar accord prevents tariffs to Mexican exports, but limits from 53 to 30 percent refined sugar shipments
Mexico's inflation expected to begin declining significantly in the second half of the year
The Mexican Secretary of Economy asserts that NAFTA negotiations will end before the elections to be conducted in both nations in 2018; Mexico will hold general elections, while the United States will hold midterm elections
Trump's austere 2018 budget proposal seeks to trim USD$3.6 trillion from government spending
The outlook for Mexico's economy is improving after stronger factory exports in the first quarter and a more optimistic tone on trade talks with the U.S.
"The United States is doing the right thing, defending its farmers. In Mexico, they sacrifice them," said the letter, signed by Sucroliq President Enrique Bojórquez
Chrystia Freeland said she would travel to Mexico next week to discuss renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement
The Bank of Mexico says the move seeks to calm the rise in consumer prices as well as expectations for increases, gradually bringing inflation back to the target of 3%
The Secretary will be in Texas to discuss U.S. immigration policy