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Shaken by earthquakes, hurricanes, violence, financial jolts, and political uncertainty, Mexico ends 2017 with more disappointments than achievements
In 17 years, close to 300 women have been married against their will according to local NGO
Yendi Guadalupe Torres Castellanos also prosecuted sexual and family-related crimes
The aggression could be either emotional, physical, sexual, economic, or even discrimination, perpetrated by the sentimental partner, relatives, classmates, working partners, friends, figures of authority, acquaintances or even mere strangers
Tania Reneaum, Amnesty International Mexico Executive Director, noted that in Mexico, gender-based violence against women is normalized, accepted, and even tolerated
I am under the terrible impression to have written this story many times before. The setting is, yet again, the State of Mexico, where stories mirror themselves quite a lot
Regardless of geography or culture, thousands of women are still victims of violence worldwide
Close to 200 protesters held candles and photos of victims as they marched the streets of Mexico City chanting: “Not one more"
The problem of gender violence exposes the underlying truth that many objectify women
To this day, women in Chiapas cannot choose who to marry; they face violence and discrimination on a daily basis