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Human Rights Commission and CONALEP to empower young women in Mexico
Mexico's CNDH will work alongside the National Technical School (CONALEP) to promote gender equality
Mexico Women's Soccer mourns the murder of Marbella Ibarra
Marbella Ibarra, one of the leading promoters of Women's Soccer in Mexico was murdered
Women's success in fishing
Fisherwomen, concessionaires, and businesswomen interviewed by EL UNIVERSAL agree that permits and financial aid are obstructed by gender
Women's right to vote
Today, 65 years ago, the constitutional reforms that allowed women the right to vote and the possibility of running for office were approved
Swimming against the tide
On a day like this, in 1953, women were allowed to vote and run for political positions
Fisherwomen: trapped in the net of inequality
n the fishing industry, 14,311 women work in the 17 coastal states in Mexico, against 158,227 men, 70% of those women don't earn a steady income
Woman arrested for running sexual trafficking network along the U.S.-Mexico border
Many women who become victims of sex trafficking are first reported as missing and their corpse is later found
Mexico, where you can buy human remains for MXN $20
To prevent these practices, the UNAM started the Corpses Donation Program
Couple arrested for 10 femicides in Ecatepec
The majority of femicides take place in the State of Mexico, mainly in Ecatepec
Female farm workers in the U.S. and the hell they endure
In 2008, she and her children were tested in a vineyard; the woman was afraid the children would fail, but the little hands were fast in harvesting the purple fruit