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A woman’s constitutional right to an abortion treatened in the United States
Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Ohio enacted statutes this year outlawing abortion after a doctor can detect an embryonic heartbeat
Mexico City sex workers march for their rights
Mexico’s government put out a statement last month, claiming that there is enough medication for those who have been diagnosed with HIV
Human trafficking and child brides, the dark side of Mexico
In time she understood why she couldn't get pregnant back then: she didn't even menstruate, she was only a child
Sexual torture: 8 in every 10 women arrested are sexually abused in Mexico
In 2006, municipal, state, and federal officials sexually attacked and tortured at least 11 women who were protesting against the construction of a new airport in the State of Mexico, then governed by Peña Nieto
Women were sexually tortured by the Mexican government
The Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled that the Mexican government was guilty of sexual torture against 11 women from San Salvador Atenco in 2006
An uncertain future for victims of human trafficking in Mexico
“There’s no money except from my pocket,” said the 65-year-old, who has had an armed bodyguard since one trafficker came to the shelter demanding to see the woman he had exploited
Arrest warrant issued against former Governor who ordered the torture of journalist Lydia Cacho
Lydia Cacho released a book denouncing a pederasty and pedophilia network, where Kamel Nacif was involved
Mexico City: At least 8 sex crimes reported every day
The areas with the most reports were Cuauhtémoc, Miguel Hidalgo, Benito Juárez, Venustiano Carranza, and Iztacalco
Impunity: Sexual abuse and harassment plague Mexico City
For women, filing a lawsuit at the Public Prosecutor's Office is agony because there are blamed, shamed, and humiliated
The feminist movement is taking over Mexico
The #MeToo movement is disrupting the sexism and misogyny ingrained in Mexican society