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Who won and why? Political experts share their impressions
Presidential candidates during the debate Photo: AFP

Who won and why? Political experts share their impressions

Mexico City
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Political experts share their opinion on the candidates and their performance following the first presidential debate

Khemvirg Puente, political expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Winner: Ricardo Anaya
Remark: He had the best performance but I wouldn't say it was a sound victory. Nevertheless, he had a clear and straightforward speech.

Alberto Aziz, researcher at the Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS)
Winner: Andrés Manuel López Obrador & Ricardo Anaya
Remark: [López Obrador] was the front-runner and they attacked him, and Anaya because he gave powerful arguments, although he wasn't very convincing.

Arturo Sánchez, former councilor of the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE)
Winner: Ricardo Anaya
Remark: He had the most direct and clear positions and he got his rivals into predicaments, particularly Andrés Manuel.

Vidal Romero, political expert of the Autonomous and Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM)
Winner: Ricardo Anaya
Remark: He gave the clearest proposals and was seen as steadfast, in addition to being the one who attacked López Obrador with the most credible arguments.

Víctor Alarcón, political expert of the UAM
Winner: No clear winner but Andrés Manuel López Obrador lost it.
Remark: All candidates knew how to corner and question[Obrador], while [Obrador] lacked the adequate capacity to reply.

Ulises Corona, political expert at the UNAM
Winner: Ricardo Anaya
Remark: He was the most prepared, displaying the greatest knowledge in all subjects and gave the greatest number of detailed proposals, all quite accurate and concrete.

Sara Sefchovich, sociologist and researcher
Winner: No clear winner
Remark: They all invested too much time and effort attacking AMLO. The lacklustre: Meade. The most articulate and better prepared to fend off criticism: Anaya. The only one with a project albeit an outdated one: Zavala. El Bronco: Non-existant. And Andrés Manuel said the same thing as always, which the others proved its changes every time. The winner? We all lost! No one dared to mention the problem of drug trafficking, as if they could rule this country without considering it.

Ricardo Raphael, political analyst
Winner: Ricardo Anaya
Remark: Anaya left unscratched because no one jumped down his throat and, when Meade failed to pick up, I think [Anaya] will take home part of those votes. Anaya has benefited more from the debate compared to the other candidates. AMLO didn't lose because he managed to withstand the onslaught. However, the answers he failed to give did him harm.

Raúl Rodríguez, journalist
Winner: No one won.
Remark: Margarita did poorly, nervous and inarticulate. El Bronco, the true populist and the vanguard of the blows. Anaya, a false and a demagogue. Meade was clear on his proposals but was seen preoccupied. AMLO, the same as always. Not even the attacks of the other four riled him up. Meade will win some points, AMLO will maintain his preference percentage. Citizens will decide who has won the debate.

Salvador García Soto, journalist
Winner: Ricardo Anaya
Remark: Regarding preparation and communication performance, the best was Ricardo Anaya, who was accurate in his criticism to López Obrador and at the same time he postured ideas and proposals. Andrés Manuel López Obrador didn't win or lose, he was neither riled up nor did he lost his bearings although he was scratched. Meade's preparation couldn't beat his wooden performance,  too obsessed with López Obrador he failed to take advantage to distance himself from the fatigue of Peña. EL Bronco seized the opportunity, with witticisms and nonsense, but he positioned himself. Margarita Zavala scored some points but lost time defending Calderon's strategies and failed to take advantage of being the only woman in the contest.

Héctor de Mauleón, journalist
Winner: Ricardo Anaya
Remark: Articulate, effective, and convincing.


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