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Who spies on Margarita Zavala?

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Margarita Zavala, PAN presidential candidate nominee – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Who spies on Margarita Zavala?

According to our sources, the conservative National Action Party (PAN) presidential candidate nominee, Margarita Zavala and her team, already have eyes and ears on them. We're told there's no way of knowing if the spies come from the Intelligence of the Mexican State or the “counterintelligence” of his PAN adversaries, or of other nominees from other parties. What matters is that during the tours of the former first lady, there are vehicles who watch and follow her every step. There have even been sightings of suspicious individuals who stay at the same hotels as her and take photographs of everything that moves, including the license plates of the vehicles used by Mrs. Margarita and her team. Her associates tell us the bad news is they ignore who are her shadows, but the good news is – if there can be good news indeed – that the fact she's being tailed means she is considered an adversary with real possibilities.

Meade, between ovation and laughter

It turned out to be quite an interesting meeting, the one held behind closed doors between the leaders of the 89 organizations of the FSTSE (Union of Civil Servants) and the Mexican Treasury Secretary, José Antonio Meade. We're told the leader of this bureaucratic organization, Joel Ayala, told to his fellow members that, without disqualifying any presidential candidate nominee for 2018, they granted their “professional backup to José Antonio Meade, who, similarly to his predecessors in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, has provided a prompt response regarding the labor agreements reached.” The meeting had a tone, similar to the good old days when the eternal Fidel Velázquez liked to trick presidential candidate nominees. Could it be that the leader of the bureaucrats is trying to follow the steps of Mr. Fidel and the meeting was just a jest? Or perhaps it is just as he said during the meeting, an acknowledgment of the hard work of Mr. José Antonio as Treasury Secretary?

Barbosa and his battle for Puebla

In the State of Puebla the battle to see who will become the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) candidate for the State Government has begun. Some agree Senator Miguel Barbosa, former member of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) is the strongest choice within the party, considering he has been included in the list of possible individuals who may become the future coordinator of the state. We're told Mr. Miguel earned the trust of the party's leadership when he left the PRD and after his outstanding performance in the elections of the State of Mexico. Elections MORENA lost, yet managed to acquire a decent number of votes thanks to Miguel's political operation in Nezahualcóyotl, a PRD stronghold. Moreover, they claim Barbosa is also well-positioned in his native state. Regardless of the many war medals, it seems the battle for the candidacy will not be easy. Even if May is still quite far away, the Battle of Puebla can be seen on the horizon, for MORENA.

The PRI and the Lozoya case

We're told the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) is currently analyzing whether or not the brand-new Anti-Corruption Commission should debut with the case of the former CEO of PEMEX, Emilio Lozoya, after he was accused by Odebrecht officials of accepting a bribe for 10 million dollars. Meanwhile, the PRI coordinator in the Chamber of Deputies, César Camacho, has said among its hallways that there is no public matter in which PRI members may be involved that could possibly be outside the jurisdiction of a commission recently created with the purpose of practically resolving matters dealing with addition that its results need to be known by all Mexican citizens. Will the Lozoya case become the first of this newborn commission?


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