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What is behind insecurity?

Several issues converge which have different impacts on the high insecurity rates
Mexico City
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One of the battles Mexico has been fighting for several years is insecurity, with less than optimal results. Figures on this regard state the adversary is robbing us the peace which should prevail in the country.

According to the statistics of the Public Security System, during the first nine months of 2017, a total of 18,505 murder case files were opened, which means an increase of 23% when compared to the same period in 2016.

Yesterday, another source provided further details: the organization Semáforo Delictivo (Crime Traffic Light) pointed out there's been 13, 513 executions carried out by the organized crime, 53% more than in 2016, which means this year is, so far, the worst year for security in recent history.

In the capital of the country, the situation has also  deteriorated. The civil organization Observatory of Mexico City reports we're currently seeing the highest level of first-degree murders of the last 20 years, with 376 cases registered between May and August. Even if the figures are lower than those reported by other states, the'res been an increase of 24% in this particular category.

Behind it all, there is a more complicated situation where several issues converge, which have different impacts on the high insecurity rates. Among them is the increase in the consumption of drugs and the younger age of first-time consumers.

The systematization of crime data has improved greatly, however, this year the budget for the Mexico Platform was cut by two-thirds regarding last year's budget. This mechanism has 100 databases, 600 million of records, and 60 information systems, which makes it a key tool in fighting criminal gangs. Yet a worse fate has befallen the National Program on Crime Prevention; this year it didn't even receive a budget. We previously issued a warning on this column: “Let no one be surprised if in 2017 insecurity becomes unsustainable.”

The lack of adequate police training is another truth which cannot be hidden. Assessments and control on security companies aren't having the same progress in other states of the Republic.

Even more serious is the collusion between authorities and criminals, of which we only need to point at Nayarit; the former state attorney is currently arrested in the United States under drug trafficking charges. Unlawfulness begins with the hidden acts of the authority.

As long as there is no agreement between the Government and the society to modify crime rates and there isn't an organized war on all fronts, criminal gangs will keep winning the battles.



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