19 | MAY | 2019
The utter failure of Club America

The utter failure of Club America

Mexico City
“Merits of the case” is an Opinion Sports Editorial by Gerardo Velázquez de León
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It's not that humiliating being eliminated by a team which taught you a lesson but knowing your greatest rival is still seeking the Club World Cup sure is
It's not that humiliating being eliminated by a team which taught you a lesson in two matches and that comes from a league with a lower profile than yours, but knowing your greatest rival is still seeking the Club World Cup after the bleak and mediocre season it had, sure is.

Club America was justly eliminated, they never showed to have any command of the game during the 180 minutes against Toronto. In fact, Greg Vanney taught Miguel Herrera a lesson all the way from the benches because, while Club America took many precautions, you can find no fault in this competitive Canadian team, which speaks highly of the MLS.

It's a cursed super final, which always seems to elude us, the one between the America and the Guadalajara – as it seems to happen between the Real Madrid vs Barcelona in the Champions League – because yesterday Club America proved its gameplay is at its worst at the worst possible moment of the tournament, and that utter failure has to call into question the continuity of Herrera as this team's coach. He either wins the League or adds another unforgivable defeat in this, his second term as this club's strategist.

It was the perfect night for a football team, with a magnificent entrance – despite the rain – and the unconditional support of the fans who pinned their hopes on a comeback; that is, it was Club America's night in every sense except for what happened on the field. They didn't take advantage of this great communion between audience and team and this defeat will be hard to process.


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Corruption isn't just about moneyCorruption isn't just about money

Guadalajara, despite the problem they have cashing-in their prizes, uncovered yesterday, and despite they don't have a highly competitive level, and that they will be in the final of the CONCACAF as the non-favorite against Toronto, the team has done what was asked of it, not more and no less, because the goal of an institution of this category is the championship or nothing, going to the Club World Cup or live one of its worst years in recent memory, performance-wise; it would even be more painful to lose against the Canadians than when they were at the bottom of the quotient table.

Twelve consecutive years in which Mexican football has had a representation at the Club World Cup; that is, full command at the CONCACAF,  a command it has lost this 2018 because today now more than ever, the risk of not going to the United Arab Emirates is real. Toronto is the great favorite in this final because they're a team under a better direction, with more humility and a greater sports culture than Chivas. It will close as a visitor but no one will deny it has defeated the currently two most powerful teams in Mexico's Football League (Liga MX).

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