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Unveiling Meade

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José Antonio Meade, Minister of Finance and Public Credit - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Unveiling Meade

After the misleading actions last week of Chancellor Luis Videgaray, who showered the Minister of Finances José Antonio Meade with praise – an act which was interpreted by some as the reveal of Meade as presidential candidate and that even earned the anger of the Mexican President – several parties (including the Institutional Revolutionary Party) wondered if Meade was still running. We've been told Meade is not only one of the most solid contestants but three facts have been shared with us that shed some light on his immediate future. Our sources say Meade held meetings during the entire weekend regarding campaign strategies and, moreover, that PRI leaders and Ministers of the Interior attended said meetings – at least one of them who also had presidential aspirations. Another confirmed intel is that Meade's main adversary, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, said to his inner circle of collaborators and other key figures that he was told Friday he wouldn't be the party's candidate. And the third confirmed data is that in recent days, Meade has been meeting frequently with the CEO of PEMEX José Antonio González, who today, we've been told, will start leading the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. With these clues, even the clueless ones have motives enough to think the big announcement will be made today at Los Pinos and that when the curtains open they will reveal José Antonio Meade.

Replacement of Auditor General makes sparks fly

A new candidate vying for the leadership of the Superior Audit Office of Mexico (ASF) has already garnered support. Our sources say Ángel Trinidad Zaldívar, head of the Systems, Information, and Transparency Unit of the ASF has not only been well received by the legislators but he has also made other competitors nervous because Mr. Ángel is an expert on accountability and knows from head to toe the operations of the Office. We also have to remember he was the executive secretary and Commissioner of the Federal Institute for Access to Information Protection (IFAI) now the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI). Thus, with the arrival of Ángel Trinidad and the decision of the current Auditor General, Juan Manuel Portal, not to vie his reelection, the issue of the replacement has begun to make sparks fly.

A 14-billion-peso smile

Those who know the Governor of central-state Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, claim he's in a very good mood as of late and has a permanent smile on his face...and those who know him better know he has a good enough reason: today, the CEO of Modelo Group, Mauricio Leyva, will announce before the President of the Republic, and investment of 14 billion Mexican pesos for the construction of their eighth plant with a capacity of over 2 million of hectoliters – with plans of expansions to 24. With this announcement, Governor Fayad is not only bringing to his state one of the most important companies in the world, but he's also securing direct employment for 1,200 people and thousands more of indirect job opportunities. Thus, if you happen to see Mr. Omar then you know the reason behind his 14-billion-peso smile.

Rosario Robles gets an A+

It seems the Minister of Agrarian Territories and Urban Development (SEDATU), Rosario Robles, aced her exam before the deputies, according to our sources. This last Friday, Ms. Rosario fluidly presented at San Lazaro her performance as head of the SEDATU and spoke about issues like housing, urban regeneration, and territorial restructuring. We've been told that deputies from various political parties acknowledged her efforts and achievements on the reconstruction of several states of the Mexican Republic. Thus, Minister Robles left the venue with an A+ to add to her files.


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