Union boss considered a flight risk by Mexico's Office of the Attorney General

The Agency claims there's a probability Elba Esther Gordillo escapes through the building next to her penthouse
Elba Esther Gordillo in jail – Photo: Mario Guzmán/EFE
Mexico City
Diana Lastri
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Mexico's Office of the Attorney General (PGR) fears that the former leader of Mexico's Teacher's Union (SNTE), Elba Esther Gordillo, may escape through the building adjacent to her apartment, in the Polanco quarter of Mexico City.

For this reason, a federal judge has restricted her number of visitors and limited her communications.

“Thus far, agents of the Criminal Investigation Agency [AIC] have been unable to perform a review of the interior of the building and discard the possibility of it connecting to any of the adjacent buildings, which would allow the prisoner to escape from justice,” said the Office.

The Office also asked a federal judge to make the use of an electronic bracelet compulsory for Gordillo, who is currently under house arrest. They also claim surveillance officers go prolonged periods of time without having visual contact with the former union leader.

The Office stressed greater control is needed at the address of the prisoner so she can be located and monitored permanently by agents of the AIC.

The PGR declared the Teacher receives over a dozen of visitors but that the Criminal Investigation Agency has no knowledge of the topics discussed.

Last February 13, the judge approved a ban on the use of cell phones and laptops by visitors – relatives, friends, attorneys, or otherwise – unless a police officer is present.

Marco Antonio del Toro, attorney of Gordillo, claimed the judge's resolution was illegal, as this represents a violation of the privacy of his client, and filed an appeal.

Mexico's Office of the Attorney General has claimed the moral influence of Gordillo as union leader may “destabilize the peace and security of the Mexican State.”​

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