24 | MAY | 2019

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Trump's affronts
Central American immigrants in Oaxaca – Photo: María de Jesus Peters Arriaga/XINHUA

Trump's affronts

Mexico City
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The relationship between Mexico and the United States has been strained for some time, mainly due to trade and immigration issues

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The relationship between Mexico and the United States has been strained for some time. From a trade point of view, the revamping of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) continues without the certainty that a favorable outcome for all parties will be reached. From a diplomatic point of view, illegal migration of Mexicans and Central Americans is still a much-discussed topic.

The source of these tensions is the hostile policy of the U.S. President Donald Trump towards Mexico. With his characteristic raucousness, the Republican is using social networks to support his arguments – even the more radical ones – even if, at times, the information he posts is inaccurate. Such is the case of a protest march of a little bit over 1,000 Central American immigrants, marching together across Mexican highways or railways in the state of Oaxaca, south of Mexico.

The purpose of the march is to raise awareness about the situation of violence several Central American countries are living – not getting into the United States. However, in his inaccurate Twitter post, Trump asked Mexican authorities to stop the immigrants before they allegedly reach American territory.

What is the design of the Trump administration regarding Mexico? What's true is that since taking office, the U.S. President has kept the harshness of his positions regarding NAFTA and immigration issues. Nevertheless, it's been more than clear that the agenda doesn't go further than that, which exposes the shortsightedness of the current U.S Head of State on the bilateral relationship.

From his Twitter account, Trump is demanding a unilateral response of the Mexican Government on a specific matter yet migration is a much more complicated topic that requires the joint effort of Mexico and the United States. Despite Trump is intent on pushing his agenda from social networks, the solution to illegal migration will only be possible through the combination of efforts of both countries in this regard.

The affronts of Donald Trump towards Mexico have been constant for some time and, since he became the President, his most aggressive policies have materialized. Mexican authorities should stop expecting this to change. Yet, what we must certainly not allow is to trivialize the bilateral relationship to the point where millions of immigrant lives are negatively affected by careless policies. T


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