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Truce for the end of the year?

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Andrés Manuel López Obrador (left), José Antonio Meade (center), and Ricardo Anaya (right) - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Truce for the end of the year?

Following Christmas and the after-party, today some of the aspiring presidential candidates return to their public activities. The candidate of the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is touring his homeland, Tabasco. The candidate of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), José Antonio Meade, will step into El Bronco's territory to meet PRI members in Nuevo León and gain their support. For his part, the candidate of the coalition formed by the conservative National Action Party (PAN), the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), and the center-left Citizen's Movement Party (MC), Ricardo Anaya, has a couple of private activities planned. Last week, all aspiring candidates arrived at Christmas Eve accusing each other of corruption acts. Will there be a truce for the end of the year or will 2018 start with a knife fight?

There's one extra candidate at the PRD, who?

Our sources say there's a dispute coming among the highest ranks of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) over the plurinominal candidacies at the Senate since three people are looking to grab a seat. They are Jesús Zambrano, one of the leaders of the current New Left, a.ka. “The Chuchos”; Héctor Serrano from the Progressive Vanguard current; and Héctor Bautista from the National Democratic Alternative. The problem is that only two places have been secured at the Higher Chamber. So, if our counts are right, either a seat is missing or we have an extra candidate. Who will be left out?

EPN, the year of the farewell

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will begin on January 2 the last eleven months of his administration and in June we will know who will succeed him in December. Our sources say the speech of the Head of State has begun to focus on stating clearly the achievements his administration made, according to him, and on highlighting the necessity of taking care of said achievements while cautioning against choosing the path of populism. Constantly, the Head of State has compared the number of job opportunities he created to those of the administrations of former presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón. Will we see President Peña Nieto on a farewell tour doubling as a campaign one?

Christmas and bonuses at the INE

Despite the electoral schedule states all days are working days for the National Electoral Institute (INE) presided by councilor Lorenzo Córdova, it seems the employees are taking very seriously the days of peace and family reunion. We've been told some crucial areas only have a few on-duty staff members and that even to submit documents or file a complaint you have to follow an established schedule. We've been told some staff members have indeed gone on holidays so Mr. Lorenzo should be very careful with the overtime bonuses, lest he ends up rewarding employees who decided at the last minute to take some time off.


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