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The threats between Meade and Anaya
José Antonio Meade (left) and Ricardo Anaya (right) – Photos: German Espinosa/EL UNIVERSAL

The threats between Meade and Anaya

Mexico City
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The threats between Meade and Anaya

For those who watched the debate from abroad, you might think Mexico is doomed to have a corrupt president, given that the three main candidates accused the others of corruption and two of them threatened to imprison each other. José Antonio Meade told Ricardo Anaya he would be processed for money laundering. Anaya accused Meade of corruption and told him that if he were to win the election, he'd make sure to imprison current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. For his part, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said he wouldn't imprison anyone, “not even” Anaya since he seeks justice, not revenge. However, Anaya accused him of favoring a businessman with millionaire contracts during Obrador's administration as Mayor of Mexico City. That is, according to each candidate, none would escape the arm of the Law as the three of them are corrupt. Our sources say that the threats – particularly those of Meade and Anaya – are quite real as the fight could continue after the election. And who will you vote for?

Fighting over the author of an anti-AMLO video

In recent days, several professional videos have been circulating on WhatsApp which, in some cases, end up on YouTube. One of them is an animated feature, which depicts a shaved head man committing several cases of abuse and then boasting about how he will benefit from the amnesty offered by Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Other two videos show actors playing as kidnappers, thieves, and drug dealers who brag about the “pardon” they would get under Obrador's administration. The images are tragic, of a mother and a husband whose relatives were the victims. The first two don't say who is spreading them. The third one is signed by “United Families”, a group of which there is no information. Who is making these videos, which are clearly not home videos or made by amateurs? We've been told that in a campaign it's valid to send harsh messages yet the content isn't what's being questioned, just who the author is.

The enemy at home?

We've been informed that the federal government has the enemy at home. In the midst of campaigns and all the bickering, we've been told that there are two public officials in the Peña Nieto administration who are actually working for the one who has become his main enemy: the presidential candidate of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), Ricardo Anaya. These two alleged moles are Luis Esteban Islas, head of the planning department of the National Security Commission, and Israel Tello, who is at the Ministry of Communications and Transportation but works with PAN member Jorge Triana, one of the men closest to Santiago Creel Miranda, Anaya's right-hand man. Is it true that the federal government has been paying the wages of the enemies at home?

Zavala, not supporting Anaya

As we told you a few days ago, former presidential candidate Margarita Zavala is far from supporting Ricardo Anaya in the last stretch of the campaign. Our sources say that after the news spread in some news outlets in Sinaloa that Zavala was going to support Anaya, she quickly denied this version and said that she hasn't thus far revealed whom she favors for the presidential election. According to our sources, those close to the presidential candidate in question were the ones who spread the information through social media, which Zavala quickly denied.


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