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The template of Ricardo Anaya

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Ricardo Anaya & Damián Zepeda – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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The template of Ricardo Anaya

In a drawer inside the national leadership of the National Action Party (PAN), there surely must be a white sheet of paper with two words written on it: “Inaccurate and false.” Every time there is a journalistic article or a public accusation against the PAN's national leader, Ricardo Anaya, this piece of paper is taken from the drawer, a few paragraphs are added to it, and then it is used to defend Mr. Anaya and confirm his position. In recent days, EL UNIVERSAL has published information on the properties of this young national leader. Despite the evidence published, the answer has always been the same: the information is either false or inaccurate. Now a fellow PAN member is accusing the leaders of the party of having used false information at a National Assembly in order to allow Anaya to work on his presidential candidacy, without having to renounce to the national leadership. This is a serious accusation because according to it, Anaya and one of Anaya's subordinates are accused of modifying, without the authorization of the Assembly, the party's bylaws. The answer given? You guessed right: “inaccurate”. How many more times will the PAN's national leadership use this template?

The troubles of Mr. Lorenzo

The president councilor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Córdova, not only has to deal with external issues, but also with a few internal crisis. Last Friday, he had to discard a proposal to temporarily reduce the wages of councilors and INE officials to help their employees affected by the quake – because there were some who lost their homes and others which were forced to evacuate their residence due to structural damages. On Monday, the constant muggings happening in the vicinity of the Institute's office and the doubts regarding flaws in Civil Protection protocols finally gathered almost all the employees from all the areas of the Institute to demand solutions. And Mr. Lorenzo spent several hours yesterday listening to the concerns of the staff to reassure them measures have been taken to improve the training of civil protection members, that the mistakes will be corrected, and that all the necessary actions will be made so Mexico City authorities provide safety guarantees to the employees.

PRI demagogy knows no bounds

It seems there is currently a competition to determine the levels of demagogy in political parties regarding their “help” of earthquake victims. The national leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Enrique Ochoa Reza, has asked his teammates in the National Executive Committee and the local leaderships, to tighten their belts due to the 250 millions of Mexican pesos donated to the victims. Of course, we've been told, Mr, Enrique has asked everybody not to spend money on unnecessary expenses and he even set on the table an envelope with his montly pay of 70 thousand Mexican pesos, to start a savings fund. Long live the political party demagogy!

And the Belisario Domínguez medal?

The Senate has become a ring for the internal fights of the political parties, the structure of the electoral groups of the political class, and all the parliament factions forget October 7 is the anniversary of the sacrifice of Belisario Domínguez – the most important official of the Senate ever. To date, the Higher Chamber has no idea who will be awarded the medal the State grants to a Mexican citizen. Since 2012, our sources say, the ceremony has lost formality, recognition, and respect. We're told the only thing which will happen this Friday is that the president of the Board, National Action Party (PAN) member Ernesto Cordero, will go to the old mansion in Xicoténcatl to mount a guard of honor.


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