17 | ENE | 2019
Hurricane "Max" reaches Pico de Monte village in Guerrero

Stay safe during tropical disturbances in Mexico

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Put together a go-bag and identify your local shelter

President Peña Nieto has urged the population to follow cautionary recommendations issued by the National Civil Protection of the Ministry of Interior (SEGOB) and Mexico National Water Commission (CONAGUA), as category 1 Hurricane Max has already reached the coast of southeastern state of Guerrero and Tropical Storm Norma heads to southern Baja California Sur.

Key recommendations, here:

  1. Remove objects from balconies, and windows
  2. Do not go up to the roof
  3. Secure doors, windows, roofs, and awnings
  4. Stay away from electrical wiring, trees, and billboards

People are advised to identify local shelters as well to put together a go-bag with the most important documents and personal ID.

Additional recommendations issued by LIVE SCIENCE, here:



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