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The slow reconstruction progress

Two months after the earthquake on September 19, it seems reconstruction works have been left in speeches
Mexico City
Newspaper Leader by EL UNIVERSAL
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Two months after the earthquake which shook the ground on September 19, in Mexico City, it seems reconstruction works and support for the victims have been left in speeches and have failed to be translated into actions.

Many have been the announcements promising help, many have been the press conferences detailing the government's strategy, and yet, to this date, only one building has been demolished in its entirety, a heliport has been dismantled, and one seismic-resistant house has been delivered – these are all the results so far of the reconstruction works in Mexico City.

Progress has been made in dribs and drabs and given such a delicate matter, many have perceived it as an abandonment of the authorities – which has angered the inhabitants of several Mexico City boroughs whose houses were damaged during the quake. For this reason, they have decided to form the organization Victims United of Mexico City, pursuant to which they have agreed to hold several demonstrations to have their demands met, among which is having the authorities cover the expenses of the reconstruction.

After the event we lived exactly two months ago, it's evident the reconstruction and building assessment works imply a full coordination of the authorities which is not simple to achieve, but it's hard to imagine that our of the 39 buildings recorded last October 27, only one has been demolished so far. This is only evidence of the inefficiency and slowness of the authorities, unacceptable when the estate and the integrity of thousands of citizens are at stake.

The government of Mexico City and the Federation should take note that discontent among the inhabitants of Mexico City – and of the other states affected – is on the rise, two months after the tragedy: neighbors from 70 disaster areas across 10 boroughs of the capital city will march this Sunday to commemorate the earthquake which left 228 dead in its wake in Mexico City alone. Moreover, they've announced they will block the area surrounding the Legislative Assembly to protest against the pending Reconstruction Law because the victims consider it doesn't ensure the necessary support they need.

The clearest demand of these groups is the continuation of the reconstruction works and property restitution, both at the expense of the government, showing their reject towards “lenient” credits and the increase in population density of residence buildings offered as a rebuilding option.

Given this evidence of discontent, both, local and Federal governments should redouble the efforts and take into account that in the reconstruction process citizens must be considered during decision-making processes.


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