Sales of armor-plating for vehicles to increase up to 50%

The company RCE Armor customizes 140 tactical vehicles each year, mostly for police departments and other government entities
Sales of armor-plating for vehicles to increase up to 50%
Vehicle plating workshop - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Miguel Pallares
Mexico City
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RCE Armor, a company specialized in armor plates for tactical vehicles, forecasts a growth of between 30% and 50% in sales on 2018. This is due to the increase of criminal activity in Mexico and how the private security sector has taken advantage of this situation, said Gustavo Cárdenas, chairman of RCE Holding.

"The armoring activity has increased on a national scale because of the insecurity. The subject of armored vehicles goes hand-in-hand with the violent crisis in Mexico, which is no longer limited to certain areas of the territory, but has become general,” he explained.

RCE Armor, a subsidiary of RCE Holding, is present in three regions of the country: the state of Michoacán, Monterrey, and Mexico City. The company armors nearly 140 tactical vehicles each year, mostly for police departments, the Mexican Navy, and other government entities.

RCE Armor also produces armors for private vehicles and individuals like businessmen and company owners, although they specialize in high levels of armor-plating since they’re the only company that designs and produces custom-made armor for vehicles, which is their main value proposition, added Cárdenas.

"We have observed an exponential growth in 2018, especially in armor-plates for special and private vehicles. We have seen an increase in security measures. One of the sectors that the company focuses on is the government, and sales are expected to increase after the upcoming presidential election,” Cárdenas pointed out.

After the election, RCE Armor predicts that the winner parties in each state and municipality will require armored units for protection, thus increasing potential sales for the company.

“At this time, 60% of our sales are made to government agencies, and 40% for the private sector, but we want to put our focus on the civilian market, where we’ll have the chance to attract more customers,” he explained.

Founded in 2013, the company claims that their main contribution has been the generation of unique designs for vehicles, which have been of great help for the Federal Police and the Mexican Navy.


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