Sale of women's photographs to be investigated in Tamaulipas

A woman filed a complaint detailing that her name appeared in a Twitter account dedicated to selling photographs of naked or half-naked women
Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Ciudad Victoria
Roberto Aguilar
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The Attorney General's Office of Tamaulipas (PGJT) and the Cybernetic Police of the Ministry of Public Security of Tamaulipas are carrying out investigations against an alleged sale of sets of women's photographs colloquially known as packs on the Internet, some of the packs containing pictures of girls and teenagers from Ciudad Victoria.

On December 28, a woman filed a complaint detailing that her name appeared on both a Twitter account and a Twitter page, within a list of packs which they are said to include photographs of naked or half-naked women.

On the aforementioned Twitter page, a series of packs are offered and money is required to be deposited in an account belonging to a debit card in order to have full access to the packs.

The women disclosed that she found several of her acquaintances on the Twitter page as well and when she demanded the admin to remove her photographs she was required to deposit MXN$200.

Therefore the complaint was filed under probable crimes of outrage to morality, prostitution incitement, and blackmail.

According to the authorities, the Twitter page has been tracked for several days now and they have already detected key information that would facilitate the identification the responsible people involved in the crime.


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