26 | MAY | 2019
Rivalries in the clergy
Carlos Aguiar Retes, Primate of Mexico - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Rivalries in the clergy

Mexico City
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Rivalries in the clergy

A hundred days after Carlos Aguiar Retes was appointed Primate of Mexico, it is finally becoming public what in private has been discussed for some time: there is a clash between the cardinal and the presbytery. Through an editorial published by the Multimedia Catholic Center, the policies followed by Mr. Carlos are being criticized. They claim the prelate has locked himself in with a small group to make decisions while certain members left out wish they were consulted. They claim the current Archbishop is following a line quite similar to that followed by Archbishop Emeritus Norberto Rivera. Surely, Aguiar Retes has his reasons to conduct the Archdiocese in the manner he believes is correct and consults those he thinks he should consult. What's visible is that there are rivalries within the clergy that are starting to come to light.

Meade's pounds

Our sources say that the one who's truly putting his back into the next presidential debate is the candidate José Antonio Meade. In addition of bringing good information and an adequate strategy, we're told that Mr. Pepe Toño will also be arriving with 22 pounds less to the debate Our sources say it's not easy to lose weight during the campaign, as it isn't always possible to keep a balanced diet and eat following a schedule. However, they claim the change in this presidential candidate will be more than obvious.

Elections under the microscope

The eyes of the world are focused on the election in Mexico, the biggest in the history of the country. International observatories like OAS, IFES, and IDEA international have traveled to Mexico to meet with candidates and authorities, among them, the Electoral Court of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF). We're told that they have shared with the latter their doubts about topics of interest, such as independent candidacies, taxes, and the relationship of the National Electoral Institute (INE) with the Court. We're told that for quite some time, Magistrate José Luis Vargas began to work in this approach to provide certainty to the international community that electoral institutions in Mexico are autonomous and independent. They're under the microscope.

Mikel declares war on Sheinbaum

The candidate of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) running for Mayor of Mexico City, Mikel Arriola, has virtually declared war on his rival Claudia Sheinbaum, of the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA). Mr. Mikel ordered some posters to be placed in the Tlalpan borough which read “Prison to you-know-who for being corrupt.” Arriola uses the successful campaign phrase of the presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador to attack Sheinbaum. As you may know, Ms. Claudia was the head of the Tlalpan borough where, according to her campaign team, she has the vote more than secured. However, this PRI candidate has decided to go over to her turf and wage war on her.


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