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Oxford Analytica: "Education is key to fighting fuel theft in Mexico"
Oxford Analytica claimed that the closing of Pemex pipelines is an "unsustainable strategy"
Transport companies and Pemex suppliers are linked to fuel theft
The government has its eye on companies that own between 100 and 350 tanker trucks each, some of which have been used to transport both legal and stolen Pemex fuel
Bank of America cuts Mexico’s GDP growth forecast to 1%
“Mexico’s economy will slow down in 2019,” stated Carlos Capistrán, the firm’s chief economist
El Chapo allegedly paid a USD $100 million bribe to Peña Nieto
In November 2018, Guzmán's lawyer claimed El Chapo had bribed two former Mexican Presidents, Peña Nieto and Felipe Calderón
Farm losses surge in Mexico amidst fuel shortage
Mexico’s economy could contract in January due to a slowdown in activity caused by the fuel shortage
Mexican tuna industry will have to modify fishing methods
The United States won a legal battle against Mexico over “dolphin safe” tuna-labeling last week
Fuel thieves have laundered up to MXN $45,000 million
Nieto explained that the modus operandi implied the commercialization of fuel stolen from Pemex and money laundering through different operations
AMLO: Mexican oil theft even reached drilling rigs
The Mexican government is looking to buy an additional 500 tanker trucks to improve distribution
Latin America’s biggest market has been struck by fuel shortage
The fuel shortage began after President López Obrador launched a plan to fight fuel theft
Mexico reduces fuel imports from U.S. refineries
President AMLO stated that the WSJ article was "not serious," with no evidence to back his claims
Pemex and the Finance Ministry met with investors in New York
Pemex explained that the visit to New York was to communicate the aims and strategic goals of the new administration
Lydia Cacho, the journalist fighting child abuse and human trafficking
Mexico's government publicly apologized to journalist and activist Lydia Cacho Ribeiro, who was criminalized for exercising her right to freedom of speech
Sargassum could be used to grow mushrooms
English FONATUR claimed that the influx of sargassum could be seen as an opportunity for agriculture
Shawn Mendes announces concert in Mexico City
English The singer has just announced tour dates in Mexico City and Monterrey as part of his World Tour
Mexican ponchos for your fur babies
English Tamal Inc also supports animals by donating 10% of every purchase
The Hives to return to Mexico City
English The Swedish rock band will perform at Plaza Condesa on March 26
Mexican ballerina awarded by Russia's Culture Ministry
English The National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature congratulated the Mexican dancer
Scientists forecast new seaweed plague on Mexican beaches
English UF: Massive quantities of sargassum will wash up on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean this year
Del Toro analyzes “Roma”
English These are his 10 personal observations about the movie
Kiss and Alice Cooper to perform in Mexico City
English The Domination Festival will take place on May 3 and 4 at the Hermanos Rodríguez Racetrack in CDMX
Daniel Radcliffe sends sweet message to cancer patient
English The English actor recorded a video where he greets the 4—year-old
Roma, the biggest winner at the Critics’ Choice Awards
English During his speech, he thanked his family and actress Yalitza Aparicio, who was also nominated
Reggaeton for the little ones
English Reggaeton originated in Puerto Rico during and has become one of the most popular genres
Miss World meets with Mexico's President
English Vanessa Ponce and Presient Obrador met at Palacio Nacional, in Mexico City
Yet Tuesday’s crushing defeat appears to have killed off her two-year strategy of forging an amicable divorce in which a status-quo transition period would be followed by Britain operating an independent trade policy alongside close ties to the EU
The presence of the public servants was requested so they would explain the fuel shortage in the country's central region