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The PRI's dragon

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Adrián Rubalcava, PRI deputy - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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The PRI's dragon

We're told that overnight several dragons have appeared painted on walls all over the Cuajimalpa quarter, an event which has kept the neighbors talking. We've been told it's either the arrival of a Chinese show to the quarter or a strategy to promote the image of Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) deputy Adrián Rubalcava – because Mr. Adrián is known as the "dragon". So far, authorities haven't confirmed if this is part of a campaign or political strategy. Beside this mythological creature the following text can be read: “Your dragon friend,” who, by the way, doesn't have a good reputation.

Two doctors and a politician

What matter could possibly involve three notable public officials? We've been told Manuel Mondragón, National Commissioner against Addictions and Armando Ahued had a very lively lunch at the Suntory restaurant in the Del Valle quarter with the operations coordinator of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic, Roberto Calleja. Our sources say that one of the possibilities which could've sparked this meeting is that there is an important health issue between the Federal Government and the Government of Mexico City...or that the three official simply met to have some fun and say “cheers!”

One more for the team

The group of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) in the Senate is about to fill its ranks. It all seems to indicate the small group of PRD members led by Luis Sánchez will receive a new member this Tuesday. If everything goes according to plan, at last the replacement of Armando Ríos Piter, Mr. Celestino Cesáreo, will be sworn in at the Plenary. With Mr. Luis as the head of the new PRD parliament, we will finally have 9 senators – out of the 22 the PRD had at the beginning of the Legislature – but worse is nothing. Our sources say Mr. Celestino had to resign as party leader of the state of Guerrero because the by-laws establish he cannot have the two posts. This, unlike Alejandra Barrales, who has argued the by-law modifications cannot be enforced retroactively.

A one billion hospital

As ridiculous as it may sound, the General Assembly of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the main provider of medical services in the country, had never met in a hospital. According to our sources, tomorrow this Assembly will not only take place at a health institute for the first time but it will also be held outside of Mexico City – in Aguascalientes. During this meeting – which will be presided by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto- the general director of the Institute Mikel Arriola will present his annual report of results and will open the new General Hospital of Aguascalientes, which had an investment of more than 1 billion Mexican pesos – which is also good news for the National Action Party Governor Martín Orozco.


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