26 | MAY | 2019
Miguel Ángel Mancera and Silvano Aureoles – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

The PRD and the flattery with Anaya

Mexico City
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The PRD and the flattery with Anaya

Some of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) members who supported the creation of the Citizen´s Front for Mexico claimed the national leadership had handed out a blank check to the national leader of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), Ricardo Anaya. They claim all the praises and the support of some of the leaders and members of the National Council in favor of Anaya, such as those of the president of the Executive Board, Ángel Ávila, are bordering on excess, and that even the PRD members interested in competing for the presidential candidacy of the Front, like Miguel Ángel Mancera and Silvano Aureoles, could begin to doubt if, when the time comes, they will still be able to count on the leadership, or whether it would be fully under Anaya's control. They point out that, without a doubt, they have to defend the Front, but what they have to sell is that, if it were the case, Anaya would compete without advantages against the best of the PRD members, or that both parties, together with the Citizen's Movement Party, will find a member of the society – that is, someone not affiliated with any political party – to be the candidate, which would be ad hoc with the name of the Front. The idea, they claim, is to defend and strengthen the Front, not to flatter Anaya.

Moreno Valle and Aureoles, red lights

Given the resignation of Margarita Zavala from the conservative National Action Party (PAN), one of the three signatories of a letter which demanded a free and open election to chose the presidential candidate of the Citizen's Front for Mexico, the other two signatories of the document, the Governor of Michoacán, left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) member Silvano Auroles and the former governor of Puebla, PAN member Rafael Moreno Valle, had a meeting between them yesterday. We have been told one of the topics discussed was that they were both curious about the red lights that went off in certain sectors of the PRD and the Citizen's Movement because of the decomposition the national leader of the PAN, Ricardo Anaya, is currently facing. The concern arises from the “red dots” which Margarita Zavala could steal from the PAN which could be capitalized by the man coming on top of every poll: Andrés Manuel López Obrador

The favors made to the PRD

Reduced to the fourth political force with only eight senators, the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), led by Luis Sánchez, continues gaining “favors” and positions at the Higher Chamber. During the last meeting period, the parliament groups agreed to approve the creation of another secretary within the Executive Board. This, considering the decision will generate more costs to this legislative body, now austerity is the policy paid with lip service. We're told it was Luis Sánchez himself who made the proposal and it was verified by the leaders of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), with the post being given to the PRD-PT member Martha Palafox – yes, the very same who handed out jellies with the faces of the senators in December last year.

Fake 19-s victims

The current of the “lefts” is living a new soap opera, featuring the Labour Party (PT), ally of the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA). Our sources say the timeless leaders of the PT – whose most prominent figure is Alberto Anaya – wanted to surprise the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Branch (TEPJF) and gave them several excuses, the latest being the “earthquake emergency”, they tried to postpone the renewal of their executive bodies until after the General Election in 2018. The earthquakes on September 7 and 19 made it impossible to hold public events, they claimed on September 28, among other arguments, such as them going through a financial crisis – because they are paying 50% of their privileges in fines for irregular activities. It seems the Court didn't buy this version of the false earthquake victims. The ultimatum the Court gave them expires the 22nd this month.


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