Over 5,000 agents deployed in Mexican cities ravaged by violence

Agents of the Federal Police and Mexico's Office of the Attorney General have been deployed to fight crime in areas disputed by criminal organizations
Federal Police agents - Photo: Gustavo Salas/FRE/CLJ
Manuel Espino Bucio
Mexico City
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Mexico's Office of the Attorney General (PGR) and the Federal Police deployed today over 5,000 agents to execute several arrest warrant against alleged criminals in five Mexican cities.

Agents from the seven departments of the Federal Police and Judicial agents arrived in the cities of Los Cabos, Cancún, Colima, Tecomán, and Manzanillo, as part of the efforts to decrease violence rates at areas affected by the disputes of organized crime groups.

According to the National Security Commissioner, Renato Sales, the federal agents will be in coordination with the corresponding state's attorney offices and local prosecutor offices.

The Security Commissioner insisted the goal of security actions is to make the transition from dissuasion operations to investigation operations.

“Security actions are aimed towards addressing the specific needs of several states of the country, with the objective of improving conditions of security and tranquility of the population,” he stated.


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