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Not everything was solidarity on 09/19

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Search & rescue personnel in southern Mexico City – Pjoto: Luis Cortés/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Not everything was solidarity on 09/19

It's thrilling to see civil society immediately responding to the emergency caused by the 7.1 earthquake – from the people who grabbed the shovels, picks, or any other tool to participate in rescue efforts, to the people who opened their homes, shared their food, cars, phones, or supported people with nervous breakdowns. The best of Mexico City inhabitants was on display, yet there were also some who took advantage of the confusion and traffic jams to mug people. According to the national coordinator of Civil Protection, Luis Felipe Puente, there were some who even pretended to be civil protection personnel to get inside houses. While they are luckily an insignificant minority, they are quite an offensive one.

Unity at C5

Another example of unity was seen in the facilities of the C5 center of Mexico City, we're told. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto visited the facilities to meet with Mexico City's Mayor, Miguel Ángel Mancera. Our sources say the President told federal and local public officials in private that it was necessary to “be supportive, without trying to steal the limelight” and acknowledged the institutional capacity of Mexico City's government. Mr. Miguel, they say, was grateful for the support of the federal departments. As evidence of this relationship, Mancera appeared together with President Peña Nieto and the secretaries of the National Defense and the Navy during the address the Head of State gave to the citizens.

A diplomatic truce

Donald Trump and Nicolás Maduro have set their differences aside – trade and diplomatic – with the Mexican government after the earthquake. Especially surprising were the words of Maduro, with whom the exchange of words has included discredits. What is most curious is that both Trump and Maduro, each with their own creed, have sent their blessings. Noblesse oblige, it seems, and after the emergency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will have to thank the aid offers and the good wishes.

Juchitan's Mayor not very supportive?

The left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) Mayor of Juchitán, Gloria Pérez López, was immediately labeled as not very supportive, because she immediately felt sorry upon learning that President Enrique Peña Nieto had canceled his tour around the municipalities of the Istmo de Tehuantepec due to the earthquake which took place in the center of the country. But why was she sorry about, you may wonder. Juchitán's Mayor believes that now all the attention will be focused on Mexico City, Morelos, and Puebla. We're told Ms. Gloria asked the governor Alejandro Murat to continue knocking on doors of the Federal Government, because four municipalities of the region are still under emergency due to the earthquake on September 7. Not very supportive or a prudent Mayor?