No appeals filed yet against Law on Internal Security

Human Rights organizations vowed to appeal the Law on Internal Security yet Mexico's Supreme Court of Justices informs no appeals have been received thus far
Federal Police during Military parade – Photo: Jair Cabrera/EL UNIVERSAL
Ricardo Moya
Mexico City
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There are 18 days left to appeal the Law on Internal Security and thus far no appeal made on the grounds of unconstitutionality has been brought before the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico, according to the Court's president, Minister Luis María Aguilar.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto passed the bill last December 21, and pursuant to the Law, there are only 30 calendar days to file appeals, which sets the current deadline to January 20.

The National Human Rights Commission, led by Luis Raúl González, and several national and international organizations have declared themselves against the law and claimed they would file an appeal to prevent the violation of the human rights of Mexican citizens.

Human rights organizations have pointed out there are certain ambiguities in the wording which would allow the intervention of the armed forces in any activity, as long as it is deemed a risk to internal security.


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