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Nets to play Heat in Mexico City

The game will mark the 26th NBA game in the country!
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Mexico City
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This week, the NBA Mexico City games featured the Brooklyn Nets playing a regular-season contest against Westbrook, four-time All-Star Paul George and the Oklahoma City Thunder on December 7 and later today, the Nets will face the Miami Heat, being the 25th and 26th games in the country.

Nets coach Kenny Atkinson told reporters at Reuters of going to Mexico: “I think we’re going to grow as a basketball team and grow as an organization from a trip like this. You’re together a lot more and there’s a lot of stuff to do, whether it’s (visiting) pyramids or team dinners that are at an authentic Mexican restaurant. To me, that’s what it’s all about.”

On Twitter, NBA México wrote: “Prior to their duel in the NBA Mexico games, Miami Heat visited Chapultepec.”

Also, the Heat visited the Azteca Stadium:

It's game day! Don't miss today's game at 17:00 CST (18:00 ET)!



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