Moreno Valle & the color of his t-shirt

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Rafael Moreno Valle, aspiring presidential candidate for the PAN - Photo: Luis Cortés/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Moreno Valle & the color of his t-shirt 

The team of the aspiring presidential candidate of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) Rafel Moreno Valle, says it's very likely Mr. Rafael will decline to enter the internal competition against Ricardo Anaya. Our sources say there's no way to beat a “custom register”; however, Moreno Valle hasn't publicly defined his decision. We've been told that, probably around next week, he will let everybody know. Moreno Valle is the last of the aspiring presidential candidates of the PAN to define his position after Luis Ernesto Derbez, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, and Ernesto Ruffo opted out of the competition – provided they were once truly in. The question hanging in the air is whether Mr. Rafael will support Anaya or whether he will use his considerable political force to support José Antonio Meade, the aspiring candidate of the coalition PRI-PVEM-PANAL. Which color will be the t-shirt of Moreno Valle in 2018?

Mayors: victims or failures

Specifically, the Governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles, was the talk of the town after 10 Mayors of his state declined to compete for re-election due to threats of organized groups against them. Mr. Silvano's team claims “neither the Government of the state nor the Governor himself have received information of Mayors who had refused to participate in the electoral process of 2018 because of threats of criminal groups.” “We ignore the source of these versions,” they say. And they add that Aureoles himself has acknowledged insecurity is still a challenge in Michoacán and that it is being addressed; however, it's another thing to say there have been specific cases, such as the ones anonymous Mayors have spoken of. Separately, local politicians have told us that some Mayors haven't done enough to be considered for a re-election and it's better to leave the competition as a victim instead of a failure.

Sit back and enjoy

Starting today, all political parties and coalitions will start broadcasting their advertising spots to close the year. The aspiring candidate of the center-right alliance – between the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Green Party (PVEM), and New Alliance Party (PANAL) – José Antonio Meade, will appear next to his wife, Juana, who proposes the feelings of this season hope, peace, and harmony, last an entire year. The Coalition for Mexico to the Front – comprised by the conservative National Action Party (PAN), left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), and the center-left Citizen's Movement Party (MC) – sees aspiring candidate Ricardo Anaya jamming along PRD member Juan Zepeda who is now using “La Bamba” to promote the PAN candidate. Meanwhile, given the success of the pre-campaign advertisements “We'd be better with you-know-who” of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), he has decided to keep them throughout most of his pre-campaign across the country, and has had them broadcasted during some of the times of the conservative Social Encounter Party (PES) and the far-left Labor Party (PT). So now you know what you'll be seeing on TV and listening on the radio during the rest of the holidays. Sit back and enjoy, you're paying for them.

A monument for the INE

At the National Electoral Institute (INE), under the leadership of councilor Lorenzo Córdova, the Institute claims all the people who should be working during the festivities are working, from sunrise to sunset. In previous days we told you how some key departments only had on-duty staff members and that if someone wanted to submit a document or file a complaint, they had to do so during the working hours established for the holidays. The Department of Social Communication of the INE says our previous claim is “inaccurate” because all key areas of the institute are standing ready to fight, dully and timely performing their activities 24/7...even during the 25th of December. Given this clarification, we have decided to support the construction of a monument in honor of the selfless INE employees who are sacrificing dinners and after-parties for the sake of Mexico's democracy. Although maybe a bonus is enough. You know, one of those bonuses the INE is so fond of.


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