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Mexico lifts ban on Roku digital media players
Mexican users will be able to purchase Roku and Roku TV devices in just a few weeks
Mexico now has the most Capitals of Culture in America
San Miguel de Allende was recently named "The American Capital of Culture 2019"
Women's success in fishing
Fisherwomen, concessionaires, and businesswomen interviewed by EL UNIVERSAL agree that permits and financial aid are obstructed by gender
Main suspect in human trafficking case still at large
Three suspects have been charged with the crime of human trafficking against 63 people in Oaxaca
Women's right to vote
Today, 65 years ago, the constitutional reforms that allowed women the right to vote and the possibility of running for office were approved
Violence against Mexico’s transgender community goes unpunished
56 transgender and transsexual people are killed in Mexico every year, according to Transgender Europe
LP gas theft has cost Mexico MXN$8 billion in 2018
8 out of 10 illegal LP gas tappings have been perpetrated during the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto
Fisherwomen: trapped in the net of inequality
n the fishing industry, 14,311 women work in the 17 coastal states in Mexico, against 158,227 men, 70% of those women don't earn a steady income
56 children and 7 adult women freed from slavery in Oaxaca
A total of 63 people from the Tzotzil ethnic group were rescued from a human trafficking network
Shake Shack is heading to Mexico
Shake Shack has vowed to work with local producers to recreate their iconic burgers, hot dogs, fries, milkshakes, crafts beers, ice creams and more
Woman arrested for running sexual trafficking network along the U.S.-Mexico border
Many women who become victims of sex trafficking are first reported as missing and their corpse is later found
A new name for NAFTA: USMCA, TEUMECA or T-MEC?
President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has officially launched his first call soliciting public opinion via a Twitter feed
Jorge Marín Foundation gives wings to Mexican migrants
English Billboards and clips of Patria Migrante will be put on display from October 15 to December 15
Mexico presents Day of the Dead mini-series for kids
English The episodes of "Sugar Skulls" will be aired on Discovery Kids from October 20 to November 20
Isaac Hernández to promote art and culture in Mexico
English Next year, Isaac Hernández will present the details of a project to boost culture and art in Mexico
Mexican students create app to learn Tseltal
English Tseltal is a Mayan language spoken in Chiapas
Lumière Film Festival pays tribute to Alfonso Cuarón
English Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón was decorated at the Lumière Film Festival in Lyon, France
7 Mexicans to participate in Mayakoba Golf Classic Tournament
English El Camaleón Golf Club has already set up its facilities in the Riviera Maya to receive 132 athletes
The legend behind one of the best mezcal brands in the world
English Real Minero is considered as one of the world’s best Mezcal producers
Rescuing Indigenous and Mexican music
English Musiteca is a project that started over three years ago at the Fonoteca Nacional
Mexican scientist decorated with Young Scientist Award 2018
English PhD Enrique Castro Camus from the Optical Research Center was decorated at the IRMMW-THz
English After getting your make up done, you join the procession
Original Tamagotchi returns to Mexico
English Japanese toy maker Bandai has brought back the famous virtual animal from the 90s
INAH presents Grolier Codex in Mexico City
English The exhibition will continue until October 28 at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City
The show featured 80s outfits, shoulder pads, sequins, and monochromatic tones with a nostalgic vibe
The pledge was aimed at taking profits away from organized crime and regulating the production, distribution, and consumption of a product that millions of Canadians consume illegally
Considered one of the most stable republics of sub-Saharan Africa, Cameroon is facing an armed separatist movement in its English-speaking regions since 2016, which is added to the political uncertainty after Sunday’s presidential elections