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Mexican football player kills newlyweds in crash
lso, Sevilla Atlético announced it will terminate its working relationship with Maleck on June 30
Giant sargassum formation approaches Mexican beaches
"The seaweed is a minor issue," López Obrador told reporters at a news conference in Cancun, Mexico
Alleged ISIS members never made it to Mexico
After there were reports claiming that the men could be in Mexico, they were located in Nicaragua
Mexico deploys 15,000 troops on U.S. border to halt migration
Mexico on June 7 agreed to reduce significantly the number of migrants reaching the U.S.
A canceled airport will become a financial burden for passengers
Passengers who use Mexico City's airport pay an Airport Tax that will be used to pay off the Texcoco airport
Federal judge orders Emilio Lozoya's bank account unfrozen
Emilio Lozoya, the former Pemex director, was accused of money laundering, bribery, and fraud
Mexico auctions mansions previously owned by drug lords and criminals
The SAE auctioned 27 lots of properties and expected to raise MXN $168.4 million
Migrants: Exploited and dehumanized by tourists
These tourists visiting the shelters in Tijuana do not seem to be members of humanitarian organizations or students
Mexican drag queens fight prejudice with high heels and glitter
English Drag queens in Mexico City are faced with discrimination and violence every single day
‘Roma’ wins 10 prizes at Mexico’s Ariel Awards
English The Oscar winner sent a video to express his gratitude, regretting to have missed the awards
Pujol, the best restaurant in North America
English This year, five Mexican restaurants are on the list
6 Mexican wolf cubs born at Chapultepec Zoo
English The cubs were born from a 7-year-old female called Seje, and a 5-year-old male called Rhi
Frida, the beloved rescue dog, retires
English She made headlines after she aided in the rescue of earthquake victims in Mexico City in 2017
Judith Butler discusses feminist movements in Mexico, Latin America, and the world
English The philosopher is one of the most important thinkers and academics of the 21st century
6 Mexican wolf cubs born in Tamaulipas, Mexico
English Though the wolf cubs were born on April 6 of the present year, the news was revealed on Thursday
Mexico City colors pedestrian crossing with rainbow flag for Pride Month
English A total of 25 pedestrian crossings were painted with the colors of the rainbow
Muxhe beer seeks to represent the LGBT+ community in Mexico
English “Muxhe” takes its name from the Zapotec third gender. It is a California Common beer with basil
Mexican student invents chip to detect cancer
English The microfluid chip is part of Mayoral Peña’s doctoral project and works with small blood samples
Slipknot and Rob Zombie to perform in Mexico City
English The Knotfest Meets Force Fest will also feature heavy metal icon Rob Zombie
Mexico beats Canada 3-1 in CONCACAF Gold Cup
English Mexico will face Martinique, who earlier beat Cuba 3-0