20 | MAY | 2019
Man photographing a "Mexicráneo" - Francisco Cañedo/XINHUA

Mexicráneos, a colorful tribute to our traditions

EL UNIVERSAL in English/Alejandra Mendoza
Mexico City
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An exhibition of 54 crystal resin skulls decorate Reforma Avenue as part of the celebrations of the Day of the Dead in Mexico City

It might sound a bit macabre, perhaps even mocking, that a funeral home decides to partner with an artist collective to celebrate the Mexican iconic festivity of the Day of the Dead, but that’s exactly what J. García López and Locos por el Arte (Crazy about Art) are doing with “Mexicráneos 2017” (“Mexiskulls”) –  and no, there’s nothing macabre or sarcastic about it.

“It’s a tribute to life,” said the CEO of the funeral home during the opening ceremony of Mexicráneos, an exhibition showcasing 54 crystal resin skulls decorated by several artists, placed along Reforma Avenue, from the Angel of Independence to the Roundabout of the Palm.

Within this context, Mr. Padilla highlighted the company aims to “pay tribute and celebrate the cultural roots” of Mexico, promoting its traditions – and none better than the Day of the Dead, declared an intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO in 2008.


Mario Soto, on behalf of the Locos por el Arte collective, said they started invading the streets with art 12 years ago with the “Cow Parade”, and from that moment and on they have been involved in similar projects, taking the work of several artists to the streets, pursuant to their purpose of breaking with the mundane and using art as the means of an inclusive education.

He further explained they are currently working jointly with the Ministry of Tourism to bring the "Mexicráneos" exhibition to other countries.

For his part, the Subsecretary of the Interior, Guillermo Osorio, said one of the Government’s objectives in Mexico City is to return the public spaces to its citizens and these types of exhibitions, which are deeply involved with the traditions and culture of the country, are the best way to do so.

The opening ceremony concluded with a quick reminded that replicas of some of the skulls will be auctioned in February (the proceedings will be given to support civil associations) and with a musical concert by the music group Calaveras de Azúcar.

A VR exhibition, complementary to the skulls, has also been installed at the roundabout of the Angel of Independence to offer audiences two possible experiences: discover what is inside a "Mexicráneo", or paint a 3D version of a skull in ten minutes. This activity will open on November 1 and aspiring participants need to register for free at the exhibition’s official website here



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