Mexico unable to send relief aid to Texas

After the damages caused by last Thursday's earthquake and hurricane Katia, Mexico is no longer capable to provide assistance to its northern neighbor
The Houston skyline – Photo by Adrees Latif/REUTERS
Mexico City
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The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) released a statement today, declaring that due to the national emergencies caused by the 8.2 magnitude earthquake, which shook the South of the country on September 7, and Hurricane Katia, which struck the east coast of Mexico early Saturday, Mexico is no longer in condition to send relief aid to Texas.

In addition, the Ministry informed the Mexican Government will “channel all its resources available and logistics to assists the families and communities affected within national territory”.

The SRE has also said they have already informed the Texas Government and the Federal Government of the United States of such a decision, stating that “regrettably, on this occasion, it will not be possible to provide the assistance originally offered to Texas” after the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey in late August.

The decision was made in light of the changes in conditions of both countries and because the need of relief aid in Texas has fortunately decreased, according to the Government Agency.

The Mexican Government thanked the solidarity message of Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, regarding the quake on September 7, and expressed its support to the state of Florida, in view of the severe damages caused by Hurricane Irma.

“Mexico will be vigilant of the development of this phenomenon in the upcoming days and hopes that very soon the states of Florida, Texas, and Louisiana recover from the hurricanes which have impacted their territories,” said the Ministry.


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