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Mexico keenly eyeing Arab markets

ProMéxico forecasts a great opportunity for Mexican companies in Arab markets, thus it actively promotes project exportation
The 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the wealthy oil- and gas-producing Gulf nation with giant look-at-me ambitions that belie its small size, is shaping up as a unique experience – Photo: Saurabh Das/AP Photo
Ivette Saldaña
Mexico City
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Arab markets are keenly eyeing Mexico in such an extent that Dünn Lightweight Architecture, a leading specialty fabric Architecture contractor located in Jalisco, west-central Mexico, was chosen to design, build, and install ceilings in the stadiums that Qatar is readying for the 2022 World Cup.

Dünn Lightweight Architecture is among the 34 Mexican companies that ProMéxico has helped to internationalize by providing financial support and global strategies.

Last October, Dünn Lightweight Architecture obtained a license from the Qatar Financial Center Authority to start installing the stadium ceilings by 2019.

Mexico's Government is seeking to diversify markets as a result of the uncertainty generated by the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with top trading partners the Unitized States and Canada, said Paulo Carreño ProMéxico Director.

"ProMéxico has been consolidating its export diversification strategy meaning that we are boosting new markets without compromising traditional ones. In short, we are not cutting smaller slices, rather making a bigger cake.”

Projects promoted by ProMéxico in 2017 have increased 50% in Europe and Africa compared to 2013 figures, 31% in Latin America and the Caribbean, 20% in Asia, the Middle East and Oceania and 3% in North America, Paulo Careño disclosed.

Namely, the commercial exchange between Mexico and Qatar in 2016 represented USD$72 million, yet there was a deficit for Mexico since Mexico exports amounted to USD$ 18 million while Qatar exports reached USD$ 54 million.

ProMéxico forecasts a great opportunity for other Mexican companies in Arab markets, thus it actively promotes project exportation.


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