18 | JUN | 2019
Mexico and Russia to lift visa requirements

Mexico and Russia to lift visa requirements

Alejandra Canchola
Mexico City
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Édgar Romo García asked for reciprocity in regard to Mexico's flexibility with procedures of visa application for Russian citizens

Congressional leaders from Mexico and Russia are evaluating the possibility of lifting visa requirements for transit between both countries, given that Mexico has facilitated the overall process for Russian visitors, though the Eurasian country hasn’t done the same for Mexicans.

At the Development of Parliamentarism International Forum in Moscow, the president of Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies, Édgar Romo García, pointed out that Mexico has been flexible with procedures of visa applications through an online platform that doesn’t require an embassy appointment.

However, he stressed that Mexican travelers arriving in Russia are required to go to the Russian embassy for visa processing.

“We have received a request from Russia’s congressional leader to smooth their citizens’ access to Mexico; we made it very clear that we are in the best disposition to comply, but in return, we request reciprocity and equal treatment,” stated Romo García.

He claimed that Mexico and Russia have deepened their parliamentary relationship in the last five years since the Russian parliament has shown interest in some of the Mexican Congress’ recent legislative reforms.

The lawmaker commented that Russia’s congressmen are particularly interested in the National Anti-Corruption System and the recently approved Regulatory Improvement Act, for administrative simplification.

“Both Mexico and Russia have shown an interested in facing new world challenges such as terrorism, drug traffic, international organized crime, illegal weapons trade, corruption, human trafficking, and migration, among others,” he claimed.

Romo participated as a representative of the Mexican delegation and sole spokesman of Latin America before representatives from 96 countries. In his speech, he stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between nations in order to address global conflicts and tensions.

In this context, he condemned the United States’ recent protectionist policies imposed on Mexico and Canada, which only serve to build commercial barriers and restrict economic relations between the countries.


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