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Tlayacapan: A once magical town in the state of Morelos
At the portico of the church, a bleak sight reminds visitors that the earthquake of September 19, 2017, took its toll in this magical town too
Mexico has spent 1,814 million pesos on repairs for 19S
The earthquakes of 7 and 19 September left a toll of 636 damaged buildings in 11 entities of Mexico
Garibaldi: A precious pearl for drug cartels
On Friday, an armed group of men dressed as mariachis opened fire using pistols and rifles, injuring eight and murdering five people in the Garibaldi square
Mexico City subway system is flunking
According to the UITP, the Mexico City subway is lagging in terms of network infrastructure and development
López Obrador: Mexico is bankrupt
After such declarations, several experts, government officials, and businesspeople have denied this
157 dead bodies wandering the streets of Guadalajara
157 bodies in a refrigerated container on the back of a trailer have been wandering Guadalajara's metropolitan area, as local authorities don't have the necessary infrastructure to preserve them
The man responsible for the Vaquita's extinction is arrested
The totoaba is highly appreciated in the Asian market because of its bladder, as aphrodisiac and healing properties have been attributed to it, which has driven an increase in its illegal trafficking
Acermex to launch Frida beer
The association's director, Paz Austin, said that they tried to register the brand so that no one else would request royalties for the beer
Mexican products enter 66 markets in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Arabian Peninsula
191 Mexican agricultural and fishing products were placed in 66 new markets in countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Arabian Peninsula
Mexico expects cryptocurrency boom by the end of the year
With the approval of Mexico's new Fintech Law, investors are expected to bet on cryptocurrencies
France to invest in Mexico for aerospace development
More than 20 French companies will invest 200 million dollars in Mexico's aerospace industry
FAO: 24 million people afflicted with obesity in Mexico
Increasing urbanization and poverty could be a cause of obesity levels in Mexico, according to FAO
Roma and Condesa restaurants to commemorate 19S
English Roma and Condesa neighborhoods will offer free food tastings to commemorate last year's earthquake
Twitter introduces @TwitterMéxico and a new emoji
English Twitter has just created an account for Mexico to feature the country's most creative trends
Enchilada Festival 2018
English Enchiladas are a favorite among Mexican families
Female canoeists triumph at the 2018 Pan American Canoe Sprint Championship
English The canoeists had an outstanding performance in the Championship in Canada
Mexican Film Party attended by over 300,000 people
English Over 300,000 people enjoyed Mexican classics in movie theaters
The art of making clown shoes
English The company exports shoes to the US, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador
Mexico's traditional sweets are good for your health
English "Alegrías," "ates," and "cocadas" are great dessert alternatives, according to UNAM experts
Mexico company BiomiTech designs microalgae system for air cleaning
English These air cleaning systems reproduce the photosynthetic process to clean the air of heavy pollutants
Mexican cuisine
English Doughnuts, cakes, ice-creams or any sweet delicacy of sorts inspired on the Chiles en nogada?
Canada and the U.S. will celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day
English The states of California, Texas, and New York will celebrate Mexico's Independence this week
Mexico Salvaje: the BBC's new documentary
English It was filmed at the Central de abastos, mountains, volcanoes, and forests
Mexican company develops organic fungicide with chaparral extract
English BIOAMIN has developed a highly efficient fungicide as a substitute for synthetic products
Mexico exchange rate for today
English Daily exchange rate for Mexico to US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Yen
Young Mexican entrepreneur Daniel Reza Barrientos sets to reclaim the culture of cacao in our country
“STEM is the path to well-being”, notes founder and president, Graciela Rojas, in the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science