Mexico: 6.8 million women are married before turning 18

The figures are going down, yet child marriage prevails in the country
Photo: Jorge Ríos/Xinhua
Dennis A. García
Mexico City
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In Mexico, child marriage is a reality. Currently, there are 6.8 million women in the country who married before turning 18 years old.

During the Foro de Matrimonio Infantil: Dimensiones, Causas y Efectos (Child Marriage Forum: Dimensions, Causes and Effects), organized by several organizations such as Save The Children, Oxfam México, Redim, World Vision, UNICEF, and UN Women, it was mentioned that in 2015 there were 300,000 girls, boys, and teenagers between 12 and 17 years old who were married or living in concubinage.

Ligia Alvarenga, Deputy Executive Director at Oxfam México, emphasized that child marriage in the country is a consequence of the gender inequality that prevails in Mexico.

"Inequalities are seen with great concern. The dimension of the problem is worrying and it is a phenomenon rooted in gender inequality," she assured.

She explained that there are 60 married women under 15 years old per every married man under 15 and that 50% lived in poverty, 73% left school, 49% suffer from physical violence and 68% suffer from sexual violence.

According to the information presented at the forum, the figures are going down however, child marriage prevails and it must be eradicated.


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