Mexican film premieres at independent Cannes section

“Buy Me a Gun” is the grim survival tale of a girl in a Mexico run by drug cartels
Mexican film premieres at independent Cannes section
Still from “Buy Me a Gun” - Photo: NOTIMEX/TWITTER
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Mexican film “Buy Me a Gun” by Julio Hernández Cordón premieres today worldwide at the Directors' Fortnight, an independent section held in parallel to the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival. 

This film is part of the lineup of the 50th anniversary of the Fortnight and tells the survival story of a father and his daughter in a dystopian Mexico in which drug cartels have seized full control of the country.

The film, mostly starring non-professional actors, is full of suspense, violence, and tenderness.

The film drew a round of applause this morning at the press screening organized.

“I'm thrilled, surprised that the press screening at 8:45 was almost full. Happy, also, that it matches the 50th anniversary of the Directors' Fortnight,” said Julio Hernández during an interview with Notimex.

In the debate following the screening, the filmmaker called for the legalization of illegal drugs in Mexico to stop the violence generated by drug cartels.

“Mexico is paying the price,” said Julio Hernández, stating that he views his film as a resistance story because “what is happening in Mexico is a resistance act by civil society.”

This is the first time a film by Hernandez is screened as part of this film festival.


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